Friday, 8 June 2012

News Questions

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news ?

1. Natalie Harrison
2. Eli Alfred
3. Seamus Heffernan
4. Was
5. Spirit of Chartwell
6. Ursula Katherine
7. Helen Johnstone
8. Danny Welbeck
9. Gary Cahill
10. Dirk Kuyt
11. Leanne Mitchell
12. Ricky Martin
13. Alex Cassie
14. Tintin in America
15. Mike Hall
16. Jean de Villiers
17. Martin Kelly
18. Abu Yahya al Libi
19. Wii u
20. Scott Walker
21. Close Protection UK
22. Dr. Riad Hajib
23. David Ferrer
24. Dorothy Richards and Marjorie Ruddle
25. Simon Berkowitz
26. Herb Reed
27. Aaron Cook
28. Rocco Magnotta
29. Solar Impulse

In Other News

1. Who was allowed leave to remain in Libya last week ?
2. Which fast food founder’s long lost autobiography is going to be published ?
3. What is troubled Spanish banking group Bankia offering to entice young savers to keep their accounts open ?
4. In which Midlands town was there a minor earthquake last week ?
5. Theresa May ordered a new inquiry into what ?
6. The Republic of Ireland voted yes in a referendum on what ?
7. Who sold his Money Saving Expert website last week for £87 million ?
8. The father of which Oscar winning actress is being investigated over alleged bigamy ?
9. Who quite Sale RFC to work with England ?
10. How many substitutes will clubs in the Football League be allowed next season ?
11. Who was given a life sentence for complicity in the murder of 850 protestors ?
12. What was the score in the England v Belgium friendly football match ?
13. Name the father and son trainer and jockey combination that won the Derby with Camelot
14. What was the score in the Wales v. Barbarians match ?
15. What did the Queen’s Englsih Society announce last week ?
16. Which two Hollywood stars began a court case over failed investments ?
17. Which Welsh town has welcomed back traffic wardens after a year’s absence ?
18. The Duke of Edinburgh was hopitalised for which reason ?
19. – and in which hospital ?
20. Tiger Woods equaled Jack Nicklaus record number of PGA tour wins. In which event – and how many wins ?
21. Which group performed on the roof of Buckingham Palace for the Jubilee ?
22. Which supermarket was accused of using beef from cows raised on illegally forested rain forest land ?
23. Near which African city did a plane crash occur ?
24. – and which airline was involved ?
25. What was the score in the Scotland v. Australia rugby match ?
26. Which police inspector is to be brought out of retirement ?
27. Which sci fi author passed away aged 91 ?
28. How many years will it be until the next transit of Venus ?
29. According to a survey what is the most reliable family car ?
30. A Japanese dock, washed away in last year’s tsunami, was washed ashore where ?
31. Who has said that he will not stand as Mitt Romney’s running mate ?
32. Who qualified as an operational search and rescue captain ?
33. Who announced his retirement from politics ?
34. Name the two players making their debut for England in the rugby union test against the Springboks

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