Friday, 29 June 2012

Answers to News Questions

Who or What are the following and why have they been in the news ?

1. Marin Cilic
2. Andrew McDougall
3. Martha Payne
4. Tom Maynard
5. Tony Nicklinson
6. Mohammad Morsi
7. Webb Simpson
8. IBM Sequoia
9. David State
10. Los Cabos
11. K2
12. Peter Van de Veire
13. Shanghai Shenhua
14. Lianne Smith
15. Thomas Waldrom and Alex Goode
16. Giovanni Ribisi
17. Dr. Helen Wright
18. Yousuf Raza Gilani

In Other News

1. Which party won the Greek general election ?
2. What was tested over the River Thames last week ?
3. Who celebrated a 70th birthday on Monday 18th June ?
4. Who died in his LA swimming pool, aged 47 ?
5. Where did a stage to be used by the band Radiohead collapse ?
6. Which teams are playing in each of the 4 Euro quarter finals ?
7. What was the score in the second England v. Springboks test ?
8. What was the score in the second Australia v. Wales test ?
9. Who made her first visit to Oxford for over 2 decades ?
10. Which tour was cancelled last week due to poor sales ?
11. What was David Nalbandian’s fine for his behavior at Queens ?
12. Who ‘attacked’ David Cameron at the G20 Summit
13. Julian Assange has asked for asylum from which country ?
14. Who apologized to Ilfracombe for his comments about the town on have I Got News For You ?
15. Why were Sven Goran Ericksson and Nancy del’Olio in the news last week ?
16. Which horse won the Queen Anne Stakes at Ascot ?
17. Who was reported to be clinically dead last week ?
18. Which British actor passed away last week aged 74 ?
19. Who scored 112 against the West Indies in the second ODI ?
20. Who topped the list of the world’s best paid sportsmen, beating Tiger Woods ?
21. Which member of the government was found guilty of Contempt of Court last week ?
22. A gunman took hostages in an armed bank raid in which French city ?
23. Which world boxing governing body rescored the recent Manny Pacquaio- Timothy Bradley match in favour of Pacquaio ?
24. Caroline John, who passed away last week, played which assistant of Doctor Who ?
25. Which British sportsman was announced as having signed up for this year’s Strictly Come Dancing ?
26. It was announced that new works by which author have been discovered ?
27. Who has announced that he will shake the Queen’s hand last week ?
28. Which 2 banks have had huge computer problems over the last couple of days ?
29. Which London Borough had to drop claims of a connection to Lord Byron ?
30. Where will this weekend’s European Grand Prix be staged ?


Who or what are the following

1. Winner of Queen’s Club after David Nalbandian’s disqualification
2. Line judge hurt when David Nalbandian kicked an advertising board
3. 9 year old girl whose blog about her school dinners was banned, then reinstated by Argyll and Bute local authority – it has raised tens of thousands of pounds for charity in the last week
4. Professional cricketer tragically killed
5. Sufferer from locked in syndrome, lost high court battle
6. Muslim Brotherhood candidate claims to have won election to Egyptian Presidency
7. Winner of US Open Golf
8. The world’s latest fastest computer
9. Proposed to his girlfriend while carrying Olympic Torch
10. Mexican location for G20 summit
11. Jersey based company at the heart of Jimmy Carr’s much criticized tax arrangements
12. Belgian DJ who set a world record for the longest continuous radio show, broadcasting for 185 hours non stop
13. Chinese club for which Didier Drogba has signed
14. Found guilty of killing her own children in Spain
15. New caps for England v. Springboks in 3rd test
16. Former Friends guest star ( Phoebe’s Brother ) married model Agyness Deyn
17. Claimed a cover photo of Kim Kardashian summed up all that’s wrong with our society
18. Pakistan’s Prime Minister – sacked by its Supreme Court

In Other News

1. The New Democaracy Party

2. The Olympic Cable Car
3. Sir Paul McCartney
4. Rodney King
5. Toronto
6. Germany v. Greece – Spain v. France – Italy v. England – Czech Republic v. Portugal
7. S. Africa won 36 - 27
8. Australia won by 25 - 23
9. Aung San Suu Kyi
10. BBC The Voice tour
11. £8000
12. Christina Fernandez de Kirchner, President of Argentina
13. Ecuador
14. William Shatner
15. He is trying to evict her from his London flat
16. Frankel
17. Hosni Mubarak
18. Victor Spinetti
19. Alastair Cook
20. Floyd Mayweather Jr.
21. Theresa May
22. Toulouse
23. W.B.O.
24. Liz Shaw
25. Michael Vaughan
26. Charles Dickens
27. Martin McGuinness
28. RBS and Nat West
29. Croydon
30. Valencia

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