Friday, 22 June 2012

Answers to News Questions

Who or what are the following, and why have they been in the news ?

1. Sara Errani
2. Kate Rothschild
3. Pennal
4. Timothy Bradley
5. Benzo Fury
6. Denesh Ramdin
7. High Kingdom
8. John Maples
9. Jerry Sandusky
10. Park Lane
11. Habbo Hotel
12. Nicholas Mahut
13. Rita Isidori
14. Henry Hill
15. Major Lui Yang
16. Dan Penteado
17. Daniel Pytlarz
18. Nick Wallenda
19. John Edwards
20. Allen Stanford
21. Jonathan Joseph
22. Zaha Hadid

In Other News

1. Theresa May has announced that foreign nationals wishing to settle in the UK will need to have a minimum annual income of what to be allowed ?
2. How much was asked for by Spain for a bailout ?
3. Which were the first team to defeat Netherlands in this year’s Euro ?
4. How many women before Maria Sharapova have done the career Grand Slam in the Open era ?
5. What was the score in the first test between England and the Springboks ?
6. Which members of the Royal Family visited Gibraltar last week ?
7. The Saudi version of Britain’s Got Talent received criticism last week – for what reason ?
8. Which team drew 1 – 1 with Spain ?
9. How long is Roberto di Matteo’s new deal with Chelsea ?
10. Who won the Canadian Grand Prix ?
11. Which race was won for the second year running by Bradley Wiggins ?
12. Where did GB and Ireland win the Curtis Cup ?
13. A rare letter in English by whom fetched £262,000 at auction last week ?
14. Where did England play their 1 – 1 draw with France ?
15. Name the 4 players who scored goals for England in their first 2 games at the Euro ?
16. How many times has Rafael Nadal won the Men’s singles at the French Open ?
17. What announcement did the AA make about their road guides ?
18. What was denied listed building status last week ?
19. For his part in which play did James Corden win a Tony award last week ?
20. How old is the Duke of Edinburgh ?
21. Parts of which Rome landmark was reported as crumbling last week ?
22. Which former Everton and England goalkeeper passed away last week aged 69 ?
23. Who is the coach of the Russian football team ?
24. In a survey which city has become the world’s most expensive ?
25. Who apologized to Morrisey for accusing him of racism ?
26. After how many years has a coroner finally ruled that Lindy Chamberlain’s daughter Azaria was killed by a dingo ?
27. Which legendary Olympic boxer passed away last week ?
28. What was voted the most popular advertising jingle of all time in the UK ?
29. An Edexcel A Level exam paper in which subject had to be cancelled after papers were mistakenly sent to Egypt ?
30. Which English resort was criticized last week for promoting itself by highlighting the eyesores of other UK resorts ?
31. Which TV series has been criticized for showing a decapitated head of George W. Bush in a couple of scenes ?
32. Who has been accused of doping offences – which he continues to strenuously deny ?
33. Actress Ann Rutherford passed away. Her most famous role was in which famous Hollywood film ?
34. Who has left US X Factor to join the panel of the British show ?
35. Which lyricist, musician and humourist was knighted in the Birthday Honours ?


1. Italian tennis player lost Wimbledon final to Maria Sharapova
2. Banking heiress in a much publicized Twitter spat with her estranged husband
3. Welsh village evacuated after fears that nearby dam would burst
4. Defeated Manny Pacquaio in a very controversial decision which has been widely criticized since
5. ‘Legal’ drug which is linked to the deaths of festival goers
6. Scored 107 for West Indies in 3rd test
7. Zara Phillips’ horse – both selected for GB Olympic team after placing 3rd at Badminton
8. Former Conservative minister passed away
9. Former Penn State University Football coach on trial for child sex abuse
10. Title of new novel by Frances Osborne – wife of George
11. Online game site for children, allegedly being targeted by paedophiles
12. Former participant in longest match at Wimbledon, defeated Andy Murray in first round at Queens
13. Convicted of mugging Janice Long outside Broadcasting House for her backstage pass to Echo and the Bunnymen
14. American supergrass passed away, supposedly the inspiration for the film “Goodfellas”
15. First Chinese woman in space.
16. Watchdog presenter, wanted by police after failing to appear in Magistrate’s Court on charges of benefit and council tax fraud
17. ‘Masseur to the Stars’ cleared of sexual assault charges
18. Became the first person to tightrope walk over Niagara Falls in more than 100 years
19. US former Presidential candidate cleared in court
20. Formerly ‘Sir Allen’ , jailed for 110 years without parole for fraud in USA
21. Making debut for England in centre v. Springboks in the 2nd test
22. Architect made a Dame in New Years Honours

In Other News

1. £20000
2. £80 billion
3. Denmark
4. 5
5. 22 – 17 to the Springboks
6. The Earl and Countess of Wessex
7. All of the following are banned from the show – singing – dancing , and women.
8. Italy
9. One year
10. Lewis Hamilton – McLaren
11. Criterium du Dauphiné
12. Nairn
13. Napoleon Bonaparte
14. Donetsk
15. Lescott – Carroll – Walcott – Welbeck
16. 7
17. They will no longer be printed, only available online
18. The Coronation Street set
19. One Man , Two Guv’nors
20. His 91st birthday was last week
21. The Trevi Fountain
22. Gordon West
23. Dirk Advocaat
24. Tokyo
25. The NME
26. 32 years
27. Teofilo Stevenson ( Heavyweight gold – 1972, 1976, 1980 )
28. Just One Cornetto
29. Mathematics
30. Skegness
31. Game of Thrones
32. Lance Armstrong
33. Gone With The Wind
34. Nicole Scherzinger
35. Richard Stilgoe

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