Saturday, 16 June 2012

Thanks !

Yes indeed - many thanks to everyone who took the time and trouble to send me birthday wishes on Facebook yesterday - I'm really grateful. I did have a very nice day thanks. I saw my year group off onto their week's work experience yesterday, and there's always a special atmosphere at school on the induction day. As it happened, yesterday was also the 5th anniversary of my Mastermind final - it was one of those serendipidous coincidences that happen in your life from time to time that it just so happened to happen on my birthday. Speaking of coincidences, I was going to ask about Swansea City's new manager in the news quesations , but I'll mention it here. Yesterday it was announced that Swansea City ( nearest premier league football club to home ) have a new manager in the shape of Michael Laudrup. Who just so happened to be born on the same day as me. Once again, thanks to everyone who sent good wishes.

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