Thursday, 12 April 2012

Tonight's Quiz - final check, and predictions

I’m heading out to the quiz in just over an hour, and I’ve just been giving the questions the once over before I ask them. I’m minded to make a prediction or two.
If Lemurs are there, then I think they should win comfortably – they have all round strength in depth, including my fellow BoB runner up Rob Merrill. So taking for granted that they will be there, and that they put out a full strength team, here’s my prediction of what I think a winning score should look like : -

Round 1 – 9/10
Round 2 – 9/11
Round 3 – 8/10
Round 4 – 9/10
Round 5 – 9/10
Round 6 – 10/10
Round 7 – 9/10
Round 8 – 10/10

- forgetting about the picture handout, that makes a target of 73 out of 81 for the questions, which is actually quite high, thinking about it. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lemurs can get something between 68 and 73 – but if they’re not there a lower score will win. I’ll let you know tomorrow, and I may even print the questions, so you can judge how you would have done against the actual winning score.

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