Friday, 20 April 2012

Calling Des and Jack

I had a lovely email a couple of days ago from Luke Kelly, of the victorious Manchester University team , reigning University Challenge champions. In the email he asked ,

"I was just wondering if you (Or Des Elmes) knew, or had a rough idea of, the overall buzzer scores for the series. I would have thought it was Manchester Joyce, but it struck me the other day that it might be Pembroke Pugh as he played only one fewer matches but was probably more dominant in his team than Joyce was in Manchester. Or perhaps someone else?

Best wishes,
Luke "

Well, I've already replied to Luke with my apologies that , no, I don't actually know this. I'm afraid I tend to throw away any written notes after I've posted the review. So , Des, Jack - if you read this, both of you guys are so on the ball with the statistics that I wonder if you could possibly help Luke out with his query ? Thanks.

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