Saturday, 21 April 2012

News Questions

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news ?

1. Matilda
2. Gloria Bangekila Ngema
3. Sweet Revenge
4. Tom Bower
5. Jim Yong Kim
6. Saajid Muhammad Badat
7. Enoch Powell, Joseph P. McCarthy and Sitting Bull
8. Pep Guardiola
9. Phil Dowd
10. Brian Redpath
11. Brendan Barber
12. David Gilroy
13. Inga Bejer Engh
14. Dick Clark
15. Agni – V
16. Gloriana
17. Mark Clattenburg
18. Levon Helm
19. Ched Evans
20. La Fille du Regiment
21. Helena Torry
22. Royal Deluxe
23. Face Britain
24. George Zimmerman
25. Natasha Harris

In Other News

1. Which Space Shuttle made its final journey to Washington DC, on the back of a 747, en route to the Smithsonian ?
2. Which single is set to be rereleased after 35 years to coincide with the Diamond Jubilee ?
3. – and who was the lead singer of the band who released it, who distanced himself from its rerelease ?
4. What was the score in the FA Cup semi final between Spurs and Chelsea ?
5. Which two clubs will contest the Scottish FA Cup final ?
6. Who won his first ever grand prix in 111 starts in the Chinese Grand Prix ?
7. Pakistan’s first ever edition of which magazine sold out in hours ?
8. A plane belonging to which airline was forced into an emergency landing at Gatwick ?
9. Which team beat Arsenal 2 – 1, earning the rare accolade from Wenger that they had played better than Arsenal ?
10. What was the score in the first leg of the Real Madrid – Bayern Munich semi final of the Champions League ?
11. Who became the first club to win automatic promotion to the Premier League this season ?
12. Who hosted a talk show for the English Language Russia Today channel ?
13. Which prize is not being awarded this year for the first time in 35 years ?
14. Which US State adopted an anti abortion law last week ?
15. The Duchess of Cambridge and Pippa Middleton were both named on whose list of the 100 most influential people ?
16. Allegations have been made of a Home Office blunder over whose appeal to the European Court ?
17. What is ending with the final switchover to digital TV from analogue ?
18. In a survey which shop has overtaken John Lewis as the UK’s favourite ?
19. Who apologized for his elephant hunting expedition in Botswana ?
20. What was the score in the Chelsea v. Barcelona semi final first leg ?
21. – and who scored Chelsea’s goal ?
22. The lead singer of which 70’s group said that they had turned down an invitation to play in the opening ceremony of this year’s Olympics ?
23. Which rugby world cup winning player suffered a suspected stroke ?
24. Which publishers are selling their guides as ebooks for the first time ?
25. Which US stadium celebrated its centenary ?
26. A concert in favour of which film and TV characters is being held as part of the Proms ?
27. Where is a giant bell for the London Olympics being made ?
28. Which peer told Londoners they shouldn’t vote for Ken Livingstone ?
29. Who described Alex Salmond as a Caledonian Hitler ?
30. Which airline reported that it is considering imposing a controversial ‘take off ‘ tax
31. Which 91 year old guitarist passed away ?
32. The Louvre have announced plans to open a branch in which city ?

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