Friday, 6 April 2012

News Questions

Who or what are the following, and why have they been in the news ?

1. Diane Hill
2. Lord Gold
3. Stilijan Petrov
5. German Gorbuntsov
6. Visions of Ecstasy
7. Noah Stewart
8. Geraldton – Western Australia
9. Azmara Quest
10. Switch
11. Daniel Bartlam
12. Clayton Osbon
13. The Shard
14. One Goh
15. Reverend Brian Shipsides
16. Helen Collins
17. Sunshine and Sweetie
18. Cedric Brown
19. Operation Muttley
20. Yuka
21. Khalid Sheikh Mohammad
22. Samantha Brick
23. Jim Marshall
24. Laura Johnson
25. Babar Ahmed
26. Graham Freeman

In Other News

1. Whose daughter appealed for the public to send him postcards ?
2. Whose gravestones have been removed from the Austrian town of Leonting ?
3. Which ground hosted the Saracens v. Harlequins match , with a record attendance for a rugby Union club match ?
4. Who has had more number 1 albums in the UK album charts than any other solo artist ?
5. Who claimed his twitter account had been hacked when he seemed to mistakenly refer to Bradford as Blackburn in a tweet ?
6. Whose memorial wood has been decimated by disease ?
7. Who drew 3 – 3 with Manchester City ?
8. Which anniversary was marked on 2nd April ?
9. Which team beat Arsenal 2 – 1 ?
10. Mount Etna erupted again. How many eruptions does this make it so far for 2012 ?
11. What is the new charge for prescriptions in England ?
12. Behaviour on which airline saw Gavin Henson in trouble ?
13. – and which club sacked him for this behaviour ?
14. Novak Djokovic beat Andy Murray in the final of which event ?
15. Which TV presenter is set to face trial for harassing his ex girlfriend ?
16. On the 2nd April sanctions were applied to which African country ?
17. A lone gunman killed students in which religious university in Oakland California ?
18. Who is the UN special envoy to Syria ?
19. Who have been sentenced to jail for illegal residency in Pakistan ?
20. Which Today presenter said that Thought for the Day should present secular views ?
21. Dick Cheney had which operation last week ?
22. Who has been rumoured to be the singer for the theme of the new James Bond film Skyfall
23. Who resigned as BskyB chairman
24. By which score did Barcelona defeat Milan ?
25. What derailed new Bombardier trams in Blackpool ?
26. How much was Network Rail’s fine for the Grayrigg crash ?
27. Which three primaries were won by Mitt Romney last week ?
28. Which state was decimated by a dozen tornadoes?
29. Which supermarket range are going to be completely revamped ?
30. Where did the Queen give out Maundy Money ?
31. Whose Lonsdale Belts are to be auctioned ?
32. Which foodstuff has Sarkozy banned from the Elysee Palace ?
33. Who led after the first day of the US Masters ?
34. Which country has ruled out sending women athletes to the Olympic Games ?

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