Friday, 20 April 2012

Answers to News Questions

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news ?

1. Mahmodan Singh
2. Trenton Oldfield
3. Dr. Alex Woods
4. John Garrett
5. Anonymous
6. Flashback
7. The Gospel of Us
8. Buford
9. Snowball
10. Ryou un Maru
11. Carly Rae Jepsen
12. MS Balmoral
13. Louis Oosthuizen
14. Raf Simons
15. Derek
16. Andreas Derleth
17. Gu Kailai
18. Tim Rex
19. John Elfed Jones
20. Joe Skerrat
21. Bingu wa Mutharika
22. King’s XI Punjab
23. Graham Mitchell
24. Neptune Collonge
25. Katie Walsh
26. Unha 3
27. The Casual Vacancy
28. Heidi Hankins
29. Damien Comolli
30. Big Buck

In Other News

1. Who shot a 7 under par 65 on the 3rd day of the US Masters ?
2. Which 3 new cities will be created for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee ?
3. Rebels in the Azawad region of which country have declared independence ?
4. The BBC have expressed outrage at whose adverts for Virgin TiVo ?
5. What was blown up in the Thames Estuary on Easter Sunday ?
6. Which Nobel prize winning author has been banned from Israel ?
7. Which team beat Saracens in the Heineken Cup quarter final ?
8. Which country defeated Britain in the Davis Cup ?
9. What was the final gold tally for GB in the cycling world championships ?
10. In which event did Sir Chris Hoy win his 11th world championship gold medal ?
11. What was the result of the second test England v. Sri Lanka ?
12. Robert Mugabe was rumoured to be critically ill in hospital in which country ?
13. Which South Wales town suffered the heaviest downpour in the UK on bank Holiday Monday ?
14. What became Broadway’s highest ever grossing show ?
15. How tall is the Shard ?
16. Which comedian angered Liverpool supporters with comments about Liverpool’s refusal to play on the anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster ?
17. The European Court ruled that who can be extradited to the USA ?
18. Who has quit the race for the Republican party nomination for president ?
19. Who broke down in tears after his own London Mayoral Election broadcast ?
20. Who has been announced as the author of the next James Bond novel ?
21. Kevin Costner revealed that he her been planning to use whom in his abandoned sequel to The Bodyguard ?
22. Nine miners were freed after a week of being trapped in a mine in which country ?
23. Who beat Man Utd 1 – 0 midweek ?
24. A bronze bust of whom was unveiled by the Aintree winner’s enclosure ?
25. It has been announced that who will become the first man to be featured on the cover of Elle in July ?
26. Matt Groening has finally revealed that the Simpsons’ home of Springfield is in which state ?
27. Who turned down the opportunity to become a permanent member of the England RU coaching staff ?
28. Which organization issued a list of the top 50 things to do before you turn 11 ¾ ?
29. – And what was number 1 on the list ?
30. Which TV station has acquired the rights to show all of the Bond films ?
31. Which has become the 17th state of the USA to ban the Death Penalty ?


1. Indian pm who hosted talks with President Zadari of Pakistan
2. Protestor who swam out on the Thames and brought the Boat Race to a halt
3. Oxford oarsman who collapsed at the end of the race
4. Umpire of the said boat race
5. Hacking group who claimed responsibility for disrupting Home Office website, and promised to do so every Saturday
6. Trojan believed to infect a million macs
7. Michael Sheen’s film of the Passion, world premiere in Port Talbot, slammed by critics
8. Town in Wyoming sold in internet auction
9. Cat in Peterborough who attacks postmen through letterbox
10. Japanese ghost trawler from tsunami, blown up by US Coastguard
11. Had first UK number 1 with the song Call Me Maybe
12. Ship participating in the 100th Anniversary Memorial Titanic cruise
13. Golfer beaten by Bubba Watson in play off for the US Masters
14. New artistic director for Christian Dior
15. New sitcom starring Ricky Gervais, to much criticism
16. Winner of Mr. Gay World
17. Chinese Politician’s wife linked to death of Neil Heywood
18. Suffered heart attack on MS Balmoral
19. Former head of Welsh Water who said England should pay more for welsh water
20. Boy who was kept alive on an artificial heart for 251 days before a transplant
21. The Dictator of Malawi who died last week
22. Team in Indian Premier League from which Stuart Broad has had to withdraw due to injury
23. Man to be retired for murder in Portugal after 17 years
24. Grand National Winning horse
25. First woman to place in top 3 in Grand National, on Sea Bass
26. Failed North Korean rocket
27. Title of 1st adult novel by J.K.Rowling
28. 4 year old with IQ of 158 admitted to Mensa
29. Sacked Director of Football at Liverpool FC
30. 1st jump horse to win 17 consecutive races

In Other News

1. Peter Hanson
2. Perth, Chelmsford and St. Asaph
3. Mali
4. David Tennant
5. A world war II German Mine
6. Gunter Grass
7. Clermont Auvergne
8. Belgium
9. 6
10. The Keirin
11. England bt Sri Lanka by 8 wickets
12. Singapore
13. Bridgend
14. The Lion King
15. 1016 feet
16. Alan Davies
17. Abu Hamza
18. Rick Santorum
19. Ken Livingstone
20. William Boyd
21. Princess Diana
22. Peru
23. Wigan
24. Ginger McCain
25. David Beckham
26. Oregon
27. Andy Farrell
28. National Trust
29. Climb a Tree
30. Sky
31. Connecticut

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