Thursday, 12 April 2012

Last night's quiz

Well, further to my last post, Lemurs were actually there last night, although not in full force, with two members missing. So allowing for that , my prediction wasn't too far off. I predicted a maximmum of 73, but also said that I thought that their winning score would be between 68 and 73. As it happened they scored 67. Here's the questions, if you'd like to see how you would have done against their winning score : -

Round One
1. Who is Trenton Oldfield ?
2. In 1983 “Do you really want to hurt me “ was the first ever number 1 for which group ?
3. Which Archbishop of Canterbury was the subject of TS Eliot’s verse drama “Murder in the cathedral “ ?
4. Which public school, situated about 2 miles from the town of Buckingham, was attended by Richard Branson, George Melly and David Niven, among others ?
5. What is the connection between your last three answers ?
6. Which international cricketer was nicknamed Swampy ?
7. In which American TV action series did Edward Woodward play Robert McCall ?
8. With which product would you associate Monolo Blahnik ?
9. On Which river does Derry – or Londonderry – stand ?
10. In a car. what is an OHC ?

Round Two
1. Name the hacking group who have said that they will disrupt the Home Office website every Saturday ?
2. What original name did James Cook give to Hawaii ?
3. In darts , What is the lowest score you cannot finish on with just two darts ?
4. Which instrument was Bix Beiderbecke particularly associated with ?
5. What is the connection between your last three answers ?
6. Which footballer was both the first Englishman to win the Champions League with an overseas club, and the first Englishman to win the Champions League twice ?
7. Who came to fame as a singer through BBC’s 1998 reality show The Cruise ?
8. Which female vocalists recorded albums called a) Lioness and b) Lionheart ?
9. Who makes the perfume Baby Doll ?
10. Which card game is called blackjack when played in a casino ?

Round Three
1. Michael Sheen’s film of the Passion had its premier in the Apollo Cinema (in Port Talbot) on Easter Sunday. What is its proper title ?
2. Which film star was killed in a road accident in 1955 when he was driving his porsche spyder ?
3. Which British city holds an annual Goose fair ?
4. Which runner took the bronze medal in the 1968 Mexico city Olympics 400m hurdles, in the same race that David Hemery took gold ?
5. What is the connection between your last three answers ?
6. What is the name of the moon on which the film Avatar is set ?
7. Which 1980s group made their only film appearance in a film called Take it or Leave it ?
8. Which is the world’s largest distributor of toys ?
9. What do chefs call The Master Spice ?
10. Torquay, Brixham and which other resort make up the area known as Torbay ?

Round Four
1. Why was the town of Buford, Wyoming in the news last week ?
2. If something is ovoid, what is its shape ?
3. In Beatrix Potter, who was Peter Rabbit’s cousin who returned to Mr. MacGregor’s garden with him to retrieve the clothes Peter had left there on a previous visit ?
4. Which song provided Blondie with their second number 1, as a follow up to Heart of Glass ?
5. What is the connection between your last three answers ?
6. Who is the only player of the open era to win 5 consecutive men’s singles titles at the US Open ?
7. Who has recently presented a series of great Railway Journeys on BBC2, which have made Bradshaws’ Railway guide an unexpected publishing hit again ?
8. What name is given to the japanese art of flower arranging ?
9. In which city would you find the famous Charles Bridge ?
10. Which is the UK’s oldest chocolate bar ?

Round Five
1. Who or what is or was Ryou Un Maru ?
2. Which film comedian – one of the three amigos – took his stage name from a village in Maryland?
3. In southern USA, what name is given to a raised embankment to stop rivers from bursting their banks ?
4. In which month is Groundhog Day celebrated in the USA ?
5. The song 76 Trombones features in which musical ?
6. What is added to Drambuie to make a rusty nail ?
7. Which plot was a 1683 attempt to murder Charles II and his brother James, and was named after a country house in Hertfordshire ?
8. What is the connection between your last 6 answers ?
9. What was the nationality of Angel Cabrera – US Open winner in 2007 ?
10. Copper and which other metal make brass ?

Round Six
1. Which Nobel Prize winning author has been banned from ever entering Israel ?
2. What is the nickname of the star Sirius ?
3. What prize is awarded to the player who scores the most goals in the world cup finals tournament ?
4. What is the proper scientific name of Fools’ Gold ?
5. Which Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers film features them dancing to the song Cheek to Cheek ?
6. Which nautical phrase is sometimes used as a nickname for a camel ?
7. What was the title of the only UK top 40 hit for American vocalist Tracy Chapman ?
8. What is the connection between your last six answers ?
9. Where was the first ever formula 1 world championship race held ?
10. Which is the only palindromic top 10 single in the UK by a palindromic group ?

Round Seven
1. What is the name of the ship which was carrying relatives to commemorate the centenary of the sinking of the Titanic ?
2. Which traditional pub game uses a table with 9 holes ?
3. What was invented by Whitcomb Judson ?
4. In which TV series did Michael Landon play a grounded angel ?
5. What is the connection between your last three answers ?
6. Sir Chris Hoy won his 11th world championship gold medal in the world track cycling championships in Melbourne last week. In which event ?
7. Who played psychiatrist Dr. Roger Corder in the Human Jungle ?
8. IN which city is the world’s largest railway station ?
9. Over which object were weddings in Gretna Green traditionally carried out ?
10. What is the longest nerve in the human body ?

Round Eight
1. Who did Bubba Watson defeat in the play off for this year’s US Masters ?
2. Which fruit is a cross between an orange, a tangerine and a grapefruit ?
3. In Citizen Kane – what actually was Rosebud ?
4. What was the first item ever sold on ebay ?
5. What is the traditional county town of the old East Riding of Yorkshire ?
6. Who was the first ever subject of This is Your Life in the UK ?
7. How is rapper Calvin Broadus better known ?
8. Who wrote the song “I will always Love you “ ?
9. Which river did the roman call Sabrina ?
10. What is the connection between your last 8 answers ?


Round One
1. The swimmer who stopped the Boat Race
2. Culture CLUB
3. Thomas a BECKET
5. Corners on Silverstone racing circuit
6. Rodney Marsh
7. The Equaliser
8. Shoes
9. The Foyle
10. Overhead Cam

Round Two
1. Anonymous
2. The SANDWICH Islands
3. 99
6. Steve McManaman
7. Jayne Macdonald
8. a) Amy Winehouse b) Kate Bush
9. Yves St. Laurent
10. Blackjack

Round Three
1. The Gospel of Us
2. James DEAN
6. Pandora
7. Madness
8. McDonalds
9. Pepper
10. Paignton

Round Four
1. It was sold on the internet for $900,000
2. EGG
3. Benjamin BUNNY
4. SUNDAY Girl
6. Roger Federer
7. Michael Portillo
8. Ikebana
9. Prague
10. Frys Chocolate Cream

Round Five
1. The Japanese ghost trawler blown up by the US coastguard
2. CHEVY Chase
5. The MUSIC Man
7. RYE house Plot
9. Argentinian
10. Zinc

Round Six
1. Gunter Grass
2. The DOG star
3. The Golden BOOT
4. IRON Pyrites
6. SHIP of the desert
8. Playing pieces in Monopoly
9. Silverstone
10. SOS by Abba

Round Seven
1. MS Balmoral
2. BAR Billiards
3. ZIP fastener
4. HIGHWAY to Heaven
6. Keirin
7. Herbert Lom
8. New York
9. The Blacksmith’s Anvil
10. Sciatic

Round Eight
1. Louis Oosthuizen
2. An UGLI fruit
3. A toy SLEDGE
4. A broken Laser POINTER
6. Eamonn ANDREWS
7. SNOOP Dogg
8. DOLLY Parton

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