Wednesday, 28 December 2011

In the News Questions

Who or what are the following, and why have they been in the news ?

1) Ron Paul
2) John Caudwell
3) Jayne Bargent
4) Jack O’Shea
5) Carol Warne
6) Kateri Tekakwitha
7) Carlton Williams, Lee Stagg, Michael Riddle
8) Teddy Tamgho
9) Ian Mytton
10) Dave the Drift
11) Barry Herridge
12) Seydou Diarrasouba
13) Barry Colenso
14) Reiss
15) Andre Ward
16) Nivin El Gamal
17) Cannonball
18) Johan Lamont
19) Paul Kelly
20) Jamie Waylett
21) Karl Smith – Jeffrey Burton
22) Charles Byrne
23) Matthew Banks
24) Margaret McKever
25) Jennifer Cox
26) Georgina Ray

In Other News

1) Lord Prescott demanded an apology from Eric Pickles and Grant Shapps – for what ?
2) Who has just recovered from an emergency tracheotomy for pneumonia ?
3) Why were the Waterstones store in Huddersfield in the news ?
4) Which is apparently the happiest place in Britain ?
5) Which company has pledged to retain its credit card surcharge ?
6) Which politician said that Vladimir Putin is an embarrassment ?
7) What is the cause of the diplomatic row between France and Turkey ?
8) Who won Christmas Strictly Come Dancing ?
9) Which man assembled the Military Wives Choir who topped the Christmas charts ?
10) Which secret archive is going on public display ?
11) Which were the first team against whom Man City failed to score this season ?
12) Which was the most watched show on TV on Christmas Day ?
13) Who lost a libel case with the Daily Mail after it called her a ‘man eater’ ?
14) South American countries have banned ships from showing what ?
15) Which boxer was given a 90 day prison sentence for domestic violence ?
16) Which TV presenter was in court over claims he had been harassing an ex girlfriend ?
17) In an interview Downton Abbey actresses revealed that they are not allowed what ?
18) Whose song was cut from the broadcast of Jonathon Ross’ Christmas show ?
19) What does P.I.P. stand for ?
20) Who were first, second and third in Sports Personality of the Year ?
21) Into which hospital was the Duke of Edinburgh rushed with a blocked artery ?
22) Which comet was seen in the southern hemisphere ?
23) Which company failed to deliver some of their Christmas hampers due to IT problems ?
24) Whose Oscar sold for over £1/2 ?
25) The first major railway line has been opened in which country ?
26) Kim Jong Il officially died where ?
27) Which dance did the Duke of Cambridge do at the Centrepoint homeless shelter ?
28) Which notorious serial killer died in prison ?
29) John Terry faces a court case over his alleged racist abuse of whom ?
30) Which scot has announced his retirement from International Rugby Union ?
31) What was stolen from Dulwich Park ?
32) What was number 1 in the Christmas book charts ?
33) What is the name of the first earth ‘twin’ planet discovered by astronomers – just weeks after the discovery of Kepler 22b ?
34) Who won the series of Strictly Come Dancing ?
35) Who is Kim Jong Il’s successor ?
36) Which former European leader died aged 75 ?
37) Who won the club world cup ?
38) In a digitalspy survey, which emerged as the UK’s favourite Christmas film ?
39) Which island was hit by floods in the Philippines ?
40) Which republican candidate has threatened to arrest radical judges ?
41) Syria allowed observers from which organization to enter the country ?
42) Which TV show has been panned for being irresponsible in portraying lunchtime drinking ?
43) Who called the House of Lords an ‘affront to democracy ‘ ?
44) Which English city has cancelled its New Year fireworks display because it can’t afford to waste the money ?
45) Which seaside resort is hosting a JMW Turner exhibition ?
46) Which has become the youngest building to get a Grade 1 listing ?

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