Tuesday, 6 December 2011

CJ leaving Eggheads

I don't know how I missed this one earlier. According to UK Gameshows.com, CJ has announced that he will be leaving Eggheads. The quote on the site says that he wants to devote all his time to his acting career.

If its CJ's own decision, and he hasn't been 'pushed' - and I have no reason to suggest that he has - then good luck to him. Of all the Eggheads, CJ probably has more of the 'marmite' factor than any of the others - people either love him or hate him. They don't ignore him, though. The show has been going for a long time now, and he must take his fair share of credit for its success.

Good luck !


drgaryegrant said...

Hasn't CJ been 'leaving Eggheads' for years? He's been claiming he will imminently since I first met him about 3 years ago, anyway.

Not that I can see Eggheads lasting much longer, in any case. Compared to newer evening shows like The Chase, or even Pointless, it looks slow, repetitive and ponderous and I think it has, as most quiz shows (bar UC, and - possibly - MM*)eventually do, reached its sell-by date. I understand viewing figures are on the slide, too.

* - I'm actually not sure Mastermind will survive in the longer term without a significant revamp, but that's another discussion...

Londinius said...

Hi Gary

Agreed that everything has its time, and you may be right that eggheads is running out of steam. I honestly don't know. As long as people keep watching it , they'll keep doing it I'm sure. This is only my opinion, and as always feel free to disagree, but its never really been a show for the serious quiz fanatic to enjoy - but a quiz for the general public - that teatime audience who also enjoy Weakest Link, for example. Well, WL is nearly gone. They have been recording the very last few shows this month. I would guess that Eggheads has still got enough of a following among that audience to carry on for a bit yet.

With regards to CJ, as I understand it this is an official announcement, and I take it on face value. Until proven otherwise . . .