Saturday, 10 December 2011

Cryptic Question

Last week’s question was : -

In English – boar carbuncles. In French – good sticks. In German – a spoonerism of storm and strife. What are they all, and which one did Leontes’ wife attend ?

I’m sure you figured out that boar carbuncles would be Hogwarts – the French for good sticks could be Beauxbatons – german for storm and strife would be sturm und drang – a spoonerism of which is Durmstrang. Devotees of the Harry Potter saga would know that these are the three wizarding schools that provide champions to contest the Tri – Wizard Tournament in the great Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Leontes, from Shakespeare’s “The Winter’s Tale” has a wife called Hermione. And Hermione , friend of Harry Potter, attends Hogwarts.

Right, try this one : -
The first was Wellington’s savior at Waterloo, the second linked Eva and Kylie, the third a heavenly wanderer, and the fourth was very handy with the mandible of equus asinus. What were they, and what was the fifth ?

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Andrew B. said...

Blucher, Locomotion, Planet and Samson all seem to be early Stephenson steam engines; was the fifth Rocket?