Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Answers to News Questions

Who or what are the following, and why have they been in the news ?

1. Alan Pollack
2. Glenn Mangham
3. Jesse Jackson
4. Sam Main
5. Bob Flowerdew
6. Max Findlay
7. Wukan
8. Nardine Amrani
9. Cenarth Primary, Newcastle Emlyn
10. Dennis Leighton
11. James Whitmarsh
12. Jason Flemming
13. Melinda Star Guido
14. Francis Bridgeman
15. Joan Dufosse
16. Aidan Burley MP
17. Academi
18. Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 3
19. Richard Smith
20. Sarah Montague
21. Martin Boyce
22. Eva Michalak
23. Bradley Manning
24. Jim Wick
25. Alan Keen
26. Seema Malhotra
27. Francois Fillon
28. Ayesha Hazarika
29. Bryan Johnson
30. The Artist
31. Angela and Natasha Martin
32. The young Man’s Magazine Number 2
33. Richard Moore
34. Clare Carter and the Hartnoll Hotel, nr. Tiverton
35. Lamont Peterson
36. Mikhail Repin
37. Judge Jules
38. Christopher Logue

In Other News

1) A draw to which team put Fulham out of the Europa League ?
2) What common substance can be obtained duty free in Norwegian Airports ?
3) Who has been appointed Professor of Drawing at the Royal Academy of Art ?
4) What strange rainfall fell on Coventry last week ?
5) Which organization have donated £550,000 towards the restoration of the huts at Bletchley Park ?
6) Who is the new president of the Poetry Society ?
7) A huge Viking hoard has been found where ?
8) Which is the fastest rising search term of the year on Google ?
9) Which Man Utd. player has been ruled out indefinitely with colitis ?
10) Which country are withdrawing from the Kyoto Treaty ?
11) Who have announced plans for a commercial space ship – the Stratolaunch ?
12) Who delivered her report on the High Street ?
13) Who were the first team to defeat Man City in the Premier League this season ?
14) Johnny Wilkinson , who announced retirement from International Rugby, won how many caps for England ?
15) Which Republican candidate offered a main rival a $10,000 bet this week ?
16) Who has been sent home from France to face jail ?
17) The 4 main republican candidates have all agreed to abolish what ?
18) Ryan Giggs has admitted that which former lover did not try to blackmail him ?
19) Why were there complaints about a live video stream of Simon Mayo’s Radio 2 breakfast show ?
20) Why have there been complaints about Wolverhampton Grand Theatre’s Panto ?
21) OFCOM have ruled that whose adverts during Downton Abbey broke their guidelines ?
22) Which tournament gave Tiger Woods his first win in 2 years ?
23) Where in Britain was there an earthquake last week ?
24) Members of which organization infiltrated a French nuclear power plant at Nogent sur Seine ?
25) Which sportsperson was confirmed as suffering from Dengue last week ?
26) Where is the venue for the UN climate change summit ?
27) Footage of polar bears for the TV show Frozen Planet was actually filmed in a zoo in which city ?
28) Which Downton Abbey actor has joined the judging panel for the Booker Prize ?
29) Which US politician was blasted by Vladimir Putin last week ?
30) Which government watchdog rejected calls for a single examining board ?
31) Which former politician was found guilty on two counts of embezzlement ?
32) Who won the X – Factor ?
33) Whose album is top of the album charts ?
34) Which word did Clegg use to describe what the UK will become if we leave the EU ?
35) Which 3 celebs are in the final of Strictly Come Dancing ?
36) Which BBC show is leaving BBC1 for CBBC ?
37) Which group announced that they are going to reunite for their 50th anniversary next year ?
38) At precisely what time on Christmas Day does research suggest that most people are at their happiest ?
39) What was given to Virgin staff who were made redundant ?
40) What was announced by the PM of Japan last week ?


Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news ?

1) The vigilante who put a student accused of fare dodging off a scot rail train
2) In court he admitted to hacking into Facebook
3) He has claimed that Tony Blair should be on trial for war crimes
4) He was the student thrown off the train for alleged fare dodging
5) Gardening expert criticized for using peat compost
6) The owner of Fenton the dog
7) Chinese village in open revolt against communist authorities
8) The man who carried out fatal attacks on shoppers in Liege in Belgium
9) The headteacher of the school has banned kids from giving out Christmas Cards
10) Pensioner who was lost on the M25 for 2 days
11) Man cleared of sexual assault after eating contaminated oysters
12) Former burglar whose ‘checklist’ has been released by police to assist homeowners in safeguarding their homes.
13) Smallest premature baby to survive
14) City lawyer who tried to avoid a drink driving charge by claiming that he had been kidnapped
15) Senior citizen who slipped on a plastic icicle in Selfridge’s in 2009 – court has finally ruled that Selfridges were at fault.
16) He apologized for attending a friend’s Nazi themed stag party
17) New name of security firm Blackwater
18) The game has become the fastest selling entertainment product of all time
19) Suspected of killing his family before committing suicide
20) Radio 4 Today presenter apologized to listeners for claiming that Father Christmas does not exist
21) Won the Turner Prize
22) Consultant won £4.5 million compensation after being hounded out of job in West Yorks hospital
23) On trial in USA over giving material to wikileaks
24) Pet shop owner in Wolverhampton found abandoned crocodile in cardboard box left outside his shop
25) MP whose death resulted in the Feltham and Heston By election
26) Winner of the Feltham and Heston By Election
27) French PM who criticized UKs credit rating
28) Target of a blackmail plot
29) Ed Milliband speech writer who has quit to go and work for Harriet Harman
30) He proposed to his girlfriend in Buckingham Palace after receiving medal from the Queen
31) Silent black and white film nominated for 6 Golden Globes
32) Jailed for claiming that they could provide underage girls for an orgy at the Dorchester
33) Written by 14 year old Charlotte Bronte – sold for over £600,000
34) Police Community Support officer banned from hop Poles pub in Hull for demanding that the bar maid should be strip searched
35) Forced to take down a stag’s head which may have been the Emperor of Exmoor
36) Russian Embassy Official expelled from UK for spying
37) Private Eye True Stories editor, who has passed away
38) Radio 1 DJ who is giving up in order to become a lawyer

In Other News

1) Odense
2) Butter
3) Tracey Emin
4) Apples
5) Google
6) Roger McGough
7) Silverdale, Lancs
8) Top was the Royal Wedding – second was the iphone 5
9) Darren Fletcher
10) Canada
11) Paul Allen ( co founder of Microsoft )
12) Mary Portas
13) Chelsea
14) 91
15) Mitt Romney
16) Manuel Noriega
17) Abortion
18) Imogen Thomas
19) The Wombles, were performing, and Mike Batt took his head off to talk to Simon Mayo, horrifying watching small children
20) They used children rather than short actors to play the 7 dwarves, since the children were a lot cheaper
21) Aviva
22) The Chevron tournament
23) Bodmin , Cornwall
24) Greenpeace
25) Rory Mcilroy
26) Durban
27) Dublin
28) Dan Stevens
29) John McCain
31) Jacques Chirac
32) Little Mix
33) Amy Winehouse
34) Pygmy
35) Jasonn Donovan – Harry Judd – Chelsee Healey
36) Blue Peter
37) The Beach Boys
38) 1.55 pm
39) A Copy of Branson’s new book
40) The Fukushima nuclear station is now stable

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