Saturday, 10 December 2011

Answers to News Questions

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news ?

1) Mr. Justice Tugendhat
2) Wherever you are
3) Len McCluskey
4) Thomas Blythe
5) Chopper
6) P.C. Deiderick Coetzee
7) Freddie Gilroy and the Belsen Stragglers
8) June Waldron
9) Tony Nicklinson
10) Adele Joicey
11) Ami Kausar
12) Swanland
13) Nellie Geraghty
14) Laurent Gbagbo
15) Det. Sgt. Alan Taylor
16) Katia Zatuliveter
17) Toby Dring
18) Guido Fawkes
19) Frank Wild
20) Chrissie Wellington
21) Bilbo
22) Brian Dodgeon
23) Roy Bottomley
24) Ross McManus
25) Mark Hall
26) Rebecca Leighton

In Other News

1) Where did Britain’s largest casino open last week ?
2) Last week what did a survey reveal to be the thing which has the power to make men happier ?
3) Who switched on the lights in 10 Downing Street with the PM and his family ?
4) Which annual races took place in Brighton and Covent Garden ?
5) Who is to be appointed manager of Sunderland ?
6) Which singer received his CBE last week ?
7) IN his last interview the late Ken Russell confessed to a 40 year crush on whom ?
8) Which disease is killing red squirrels ?
9) Who said that David Attenborough’s Frozen Planet about Global Warming is hot air ?
10) What is Mike Tindall’s reduced fine ?
11) Which team did Cardiff City beat to win their Carling Cup quarter final ?
12) A pagan stone circle has been destroyed where ?
13) Which US airline declared bankruptcy ?
14) Which team knocked Man Utd out of the Carling Cup ?
15) Which Venetian landmark has been unveiled following conservation work ?
16) Whose grave in Pere Lachaise has been given a makeover ?
17) The UK has closed its embassy where ?
18) Which TV Show last seen on ITV in 2009 is to return on Sky Arts ?
19) What did a teen gang do to outrage Christmas shoppers in Longton, Stoke on Trent ?
20) Who told fans not to buy his £212 boxed set since the price must be ‘ a hoax or a misprint’ ?
21) Who is fronting a campaign for a minister for the elderly ?
22) Richard Desmond called which editor a hypocrite ?
23) What was the ‘deal’ Charlotte Church made with Rupert Murdoch, which she claimed was not honoured when speaking to the Leveson Inquiry
24) Who signed a book deal worth a reported £400,000 ?
25) What registration change did Cunard make to its ships ?
26) Whom did GQ magazine vote the Most Influential Man in Britain ?
27) Who won the Brazilian Grand Prix ?
28) Which team won the Golf World Cup ?
29) Who became the first female artist with the No1 in both singles and albums charts at the same time twice in the same year ?
30) Who won the ATP finals ?
31) A film version of which stage show – based on a novel by Michael Morpurgo – is to be made by Steven Spielberg ?
32) Which London Tourist attraction suffered an accident last week ?
33) What has been found in british oysters ?
34) Which crematorium plans to install turbines in 2 of its burners ?
35) The Islamic PJD party will form its first government in which country ?
36) Which supermarket claims that it has to send 25% of its new recruits back to school ?
37) Which crown court will become the first to issue ipads to jurors to review evidence ?
38) Which two teams have resigned from the formula One teams association ?
39) Which teams are in Eire’s Euro 2012 group ?
40) – and which teams are in England’s ?
41) What was the cost of the new portrait of Speaker John Bercow ?
42) Who were announced as the 2 new judges on Dancing on Ice ?


1) He granted 2 super injunctions last week
2) The single by the military wives choir, tipped as a potential Christmas Number 1
3) General secretary of Unite
4) Man who has become an internet sensation, searching for a mystery woman he simply knows as Cathy
5) It was an owl – which landed on an oil rig exhausted and covered in oil. It was sent on to a wildlife sanctuary
6) The policeman nicknamed Robocop seriously ill in hospital after being knocked down by a hit and run driver
7) The new sculpture on Skegness seafront
8) Lollipop lady in Herne Bay who has resigned due to the rudeness of drivers
9) He is a paraplegic man asking for the right in the high court to have a doctor help him to end his life.
10) Mother of a Down’s Syndrome child who is asking Jimmy Carr to drop an offensive joke from his act
11) Pleaded guilty to terrorism offences – had a recipe for making ricin on a memory stick
12) Ship from which the Duke of Cambridge rescued sailors
13) She died when trying to stop muggers from stealing her handbag which contained her husband’s ashes
14) The first former head of state handed over to the International Criminal Court – formerly head of Ivory Coast
15) He told the Stephen Lawrence murder trial that his predecessor had changed the numbers of evidence on the database
16) Russian who was cleared of being a spy after having an affair with Mike Hancock MP
17) Youngest child ever to have open heart surgery
18) Nickname of political blogger Paul Staines, summoned before the Leveson Inquiry
19) Shackleton’s right hand man, whose remains were finally interred next to Shackleton’s
20) World Iron Man triathlon champ at the centre of calls for women to be included in the shortlist for BBC Sports personality of the Year – controversially the shortlist this year consists entirely of men
21) A terrier who was stuck down a rabbit hole in Dobwalls Cornwall for 20 days
22) He was convicted after a teen died taking ecstasy at a house party in his house –
23) TV writer who passed away – many TV credits, including Nearest and Dearest
24) Father of Elvis Costello who passed away – best known for secret lemonade drinker R.Whites adverts
25) British animator – creator of Danger Mouse and Count Duckula who passed away
26) Nurse acquitted over Steppings Hill hospital tragedies, sacked last week

In Other News

1) Aspers at Westfield Stratford City
2) A shed
3) Helen Skelton
4) Christmas Pudding Races
5) Martin O’Neill
6) Brian Ferry
7) Glenda Jackson
8) Liver Disease
9) Lord Nigel Lawson
10) £15,000
11) Blackburn Rovers
12) Lampeter
13) American Airlines
14) Crystal Palace
15) The Bridge of Sighs
16) Paul Dacre
17) Esther Rantzen
18) Elvis Costello
19) By attacking Santa in his grotto
20) The South Bank Show
21) Tehran
22) Oscar Wilde
23) She agreed to waiver her £100,000 fee for singing at his wedding in return for good publicity
24) Roger Federer beat Jo Wilfred Tsonga
25) Rihanna
26) USA
27) Mark Webber
28) Boris Johnson
29) All of its ships have now been registered in Bermuda, no longer Southampton
30) Pippa Middleton
31) The War Horse
32) A Walkway onto HMS Belfast collapsed
33) Norovirus
34) Durham
35) Morocco
36) Morrisons
37) Norwich
38) Red Bull and Ferrari
39) Spain – Italy – Croatia
40) France – Sweden – Ukraine
41) £22,000
42) Katarina Witt and Louis Spence

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