Saturday, 19 December 2009

Sleb Eggheads - Monday - Thursday

Ok – its been a slack week, so lets have a look at last week’s Sleb Eggheads and see what went on.

Monday - Eggheads v. Eggmasters

Eggmasters ? Did they honestly believe that they were going to master the Eggheads ? Maybe not, since their name came from the fact that each of them had won an edition of Sleb Mastermind. They were –
Shaun Williamson
Kaye Adams
Jan Ravens
Paul Ross.
Paul Ross knew what he was doing when he picked on Chris for film and TV, and beat him 2 to 1. Shaun lost out to Daphne on History on sudden death. Judith took out Spoony on sport– it doesn’t matter whether they are guesses or not, Judith, they all count. Kaye Adams took on the big one, Kevin, on food and drink, and took the great man down, by 3 to 2.
So the Eggmasters had actually taken out two of the big 3, and were looking to be maybe just in with a shout in the final round. More than a shout as it turned out ! They won by 3 to 1. Good answers, perhaps a kind split of questions in the final round, and being very clever about which Egghead they chose for which round brought them a nice prize for their charity, Changing Faces. Well done !

Tuesday - Eggheads v. Blue Peter Presenters

Blue Peter was represented by
Peter Purves
Simon Groom
Janet Ellis
Diane Louise Jordan
Liz Barker
Liz Barker is a little too recent to have featured on the Clark radar, but Peter Purves was a member of the classic Purves – Noakes – Singleton lineup, whereas Simon groom , aka Britain’s wettest man, was where the rot set in for me. Janet Ellis is herself a perennial quiz question – which Blue Peter presenter’s daughter ( Sophie Ellis Bextor ) had a hit with etc. etc.

Simon lost out to Barry on Music. Peter took on CJ at sport, and won by 3 –1. Geography came next , a good subject usually for any of the Eggheads, so Diane was quickly taken out by Daphne. Liz almost inevitably lost to Kevin on Film and TV. So it was Peter and Janet against Chris, Daphne, Kevin and Barry. Alas, neither Peter nor Janet knew that ‘cuisse’ is French for thigh, and so they said that a piece of armour called this would go on the shoulder. So the second question went begging. A classic piece of CJ mugging in the background framed that Eggheads discussion which eventually identified Whistler’s Mother as the painting at the heart of the Mr. Bean film. Janet and Peter guessed correctly that Queen Victoria’s first name was Alexandrina. Still, all the Eggheads needed to do was identify that Mary Warnock was a philosopher, which they duly did. Game over.

Wednesday – Eggheads v.The Fab Five

The Fab Five were all lady broadcasters and journalists. Its interesting how close Fab Five sounds to Famous Five – and surely Angela Rippon doesn’t want to be reminded of that TVAM fiasco ? Oh well, the Fab Five were : -
Jennie Bond
Jan Leeming
Sue McGregor
Angela Rippon
Rosie Boycott

Angela Rippon highkicked off, choosing CJ to take on in the category of Music. It went to sudden death, and Angela, who I have to say is looking better now than she did when she danced with Morecambe and Wise all those decades ago, won on the 2nd set. Politics should have suited the challengers, and so Sue took on Daphne. Both got the third question wrong, so once again we had sudden death. Daphne picked Sidney Holland as the PM of Australia, while he was PM in New Zealand. So the Fab Five were playing well. Rose Boycott picked Barry for Science. Rosie really didn’t fancy her chances, yet she took out Barry 3 – 2. Mind you, they needed to play this well, since both Chris and Pat were still waiting for them. Jennie took on Pat on Arts and Books. Good luck !Not enough, though, since Pat took his place, and Jennie alone failed to go through to the last round for the fab Five. Pat and Chris are a formidable team, and they took the round by 3 – 1.

Thursday – Eggheads v. the Ones

After the challenge of the seasoned journalists , we face today a team from that haven of hardbitten journalism, The One Show. Oh, lets not be catty. It’s a perfectly pleasant and harmless show. Noticeably short of One Show main presenters, the team consisted of
Gyles Brandreth
Angelica Bell
Lucy Siegle
Mike Dilger
George McGavin
Lucy Siegle took her O Level in History up against Pat. 3 –2 saw her eliminated without recourse to sudden death. Science saw George McGavin try his luck against Daphne. She has probably lost more head to heats in this short celebrity series than she would ever expect to do in a full series of normal eggheads. She made no mistake here, winning by 3 to 2. Film and TV saw Angelica Bell taking on Barry because he has a lovely smile. Gyles called him a ‘middle aged geek ‘ – the words - pot, kettle and black come to mind, Gyles. Angelica managed to take the round to sudden death, here a pair of film questions saw Barry through. In the last head to head Mike took on Judith, who had actually won her previous go on sport. Mike proved to be no better than Judith in the multiple choices, since both only got one right to go to sudden death. He got another one, though, and Judith didn’t. and so he joined burbly old Gyles for the final. What a final it was too. Asked the Italian name for a corkscrew, the Eggheads faltered, and the Ones took a surprising win, having maybe had a little bit of the luck of the draw with the questions. Well done – their money goes to The Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust. Lovely !

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