Sunday, 20 December 2009

Answers to Quiz

Here are the answers to the quiz I posted at the beginning of this month : -

1) Who wrote Rebecca , and Jamaica Inn ?
DAPHNE Du Maurier

2) Who was the lead singer of the Seekers ?

3) What was the name of Harry Enfield’s horrible teenage character ?
KEVIN Patterson

4) Who became world 500cc motorbike champion in 1976 and 1977 ?
BARRY Sheene

5) Which british Olympic gold medallist was a co founder of the London Marathon ?
CHRIS Brasher

6) In the original Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin, what was the name of Reggie’s boss ?
CJ(Charles Jefferson)

7) What is the connection between your last 6 answers ?
The first 6 Eggheads

8) In the news – following the England football team’s losing performance against Brazil, which cartoon character was manager Fabio Capello compared to in the news of the World ?
Homer Simpson

9) Which acid is also known as oil of vitriol ?

10) The city of Venice lies on which sea, which itself forms part of the Mediterranean ?

11) Name the two famous Edinburgh Body Snatchers in the 1820s
BURKE and Hare

12) The 7th President of the USA is usually reckoned to be the first Democrat President. Who was he ?

13) In 1988, who became a Canadian Olympic champion, then within 5 years became a british world champion ?
Lennox LEWIS

14) Name the society osteopath who committed suicide when he was being tried as part of the Profumo Scandal
Stephen WARD

15) What is the connection between your last four answers ?
X- Factor winners

16) Dr. Brooke Magnanti admitted writing the book Belle du jour in November. The book deals with her secret life as what ?

17) Which alcoholic drink takes its name from the second most populous city in Switzerland ?

18) When did the ten shilling note go out of circulation ?

19) Who or what is a tin Lizzie ?
Model T Ford

20) What would a tailor use his plonker for ?
Smoothing out cloth

21) Which building in Northumberland has been used for the exterior shots of Hogwarts school in the Harry Potter films ?
Alnwick CASTLE

22) What is the surname of Emma in the novel by Jane Austen ?

23) Which 20th century Prime Minister introduced the Citizen’s Charter ?

24) Which character , who later returned in his own TV series, was actually shot in the film “The Blue Lamp” ?
George DIXON

25) Which is the largest inhabited castle in Europe ?

26) What is the connection between your last five answers ?

27) During November, which member of the Royal Family offered the opinion that Australia should become a republic ?
Prince Charles

28) What makes a pink gin pink ?
Angostura Bitters

29) Which was the first ever credit card ?
Diners Club

30) What would a Scotsman do with his spurtle ?
Stir his porridge

31) Which character in Last of the Summer Wine was played by Brian Wilde ?
FOGGY Dewhurst

32) From whom did Muhammed Ali, or Cassius Clay as was then, win his first ever world title ?
SONNY Liston

33) Which name links companions of both Tintin and Dick Barton special agent ?

34) Randy Crawford once had a hit with a song about what type of night in Georgia ?

35) In british police radio communication signals, which code is used to refer to someone who is of white European ethnicity?
IC (Icey) - 1

36) Which march is played to herald the arrival of the US president at a public appearance ?
HAIL to the chief

37) What is the connection between your last six answers ?
Weather conditions

38) A statue of whom has just been installed on the 4th plinth in Trafalgar Square ?
Keith Park

39) What is an Edzell Blue ?

40) Which of these once worked as a pastry chef in a top London Hotel ?
Ho chi Minh – Mao Tse Tung – Cho en Lai – Kim Il Sung
Ho Chi Minh


joe said...

Thanks, I enjoyed that.

But Barbara Dickson (not Dixon), actually.

Londinius said...

Ooops - well, it worked aurally for the connection, anyway. You're welcome !