Saturday, 22 September 2012

Stop Press ; The People's Choice Returns

I've just seen the news on Facebook that Dave Rainford is debuting as the new Egghead - CJ having left for pastures new. Silly me - I didn't read it carefully, and thought that he was in a team taking on the Eggheads - thanks to Lisa for pointing that one out to me.

Well, CJ will be missed by both those who loved him, and also those who loathed him. Alright, you maybe wouldn't have put him in the same bracket as a quizzer as Kevin, Pat, Barry, Daphne and Chris - well, there's no maybe about it, you wouldn't have - but he worked at his quizzing during his time on the show. He was always good entertainment value too. Good luck CJ.

As for Dave , well I don't think that it will come as a huge shock when I say that the Eggheads are all the stronger for having him on board. We at LAM labelled him as the People's Choice during the two series of Are You An Egghead, and now it seems at last the producers have bowed to pressure to give the people what they want . Go Dave !

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Dr. Politics said...

Rainford was pushed in there without holding another 'Are you an Egghead?' He wasn't even the runner up in any of the others. So why choose him? Could it be the BBC diversity police in action?