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This week's Weaver's Week on the UK site? It's always good, but there's a terrific piece this week all about which quiz/gameshows have had the most competitors participating worldwide during their history.

You can read it by clicking on the UK Gameshows link in my links section on the left, and then click on Weaver's Week on the home page.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

LAM Podcast 15

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Cryptic Questions
League Quizzes
Only Connect
University Challenge
Court of Public Opinion
Do You Remember?
Answers to Last Week's questions

News Questions

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

John Doyle and Stephanie Withall
Brooks Newman
Sumane Biles
Colin Turkington
Greg Hancock
Angus Sinclair
Samra Kesinovic
Here Lies Love
Andy King
Evo Morales
Daniela Poggiali
Martina Purdey
Richard Flanagan
The Narrow Road to the Deep North
Amal Clooney
Lord Freud
Nicola Sturgeon
Oasis of the Seas
Ellie Close
William Gallas
Bloodswept Lands and Seas of Red
Maya Makri
David Willis

In Other News

What did Helmut Kohl say about the late Margaret Thatcher last week?
Whose memory is to be recognized by a Lottery project?
Which politician said that he liked the Queen last week?
What was the score between England and Estonia?
Who is Bolton Wanderers’ new manager?
Which club won the Women’s football super league
Lewis Hamilton won the Russian GP to go level on GP wins with Nigel Mansell. How many?
Which team have now won the F1 constructors’ championship?
Who retained his world Motogp title?
Name the Wigan player sent off in the Grand Final and banned for 6 months for punching Lance Hohaia?
What do the Labour Party want teachers to have to take?
Who was the second celebrity to leave Strictly?
Which South American country qualified for the Rugby world cup by beating Russia?
Which culinary delights had their own national week last week?
MPs voted to recognize the statehood of who or what?
What was the score between Wales and Cyprus?
– and Iceland and Netherlands?

Who is the new manager of Scunthorpe?
Who was criticized for saying that the girl raped by footballer Ched Evans ‘suffered no bodily harm’?
David Cameron was criticized for posing for a photograph with whom?
Which government are to be invited to place a wreath at the Cenotaph in November?
Which character’s makeover upset fans last week?
Who walked off stage in Darlington when a mobile phone kept going off in the front row?
The ceremonial route for whose funeral was announced last week?
Who reportedly is launching his own fashion label in India?
David Peace donated the stage rights to The Damned United to which theatre company in Leeds?
What was the score between Poland and Scotland?
And Germany and the Republic of Ireland?
A new welsh language branch of which chain had to apologise for putting up welsh signs which were complete gobbledygook in Aberystwyth?
Who has been charged by the FA with making an offensive tweet?
Who apologized for blocking up people’s music library on itunes, and put it down to a little bit of megalomania?
Who recorded a video dancing with a turnip?
What was Henry Winkler awarded last week?
Why did Howden le Wear Primary School block a visit from a Ghanaian teacher last week?
Which country did Northern Ireland beat last week in football?
What happened in the Serbia v Albania match last week?
Chelsea reached a new loan agreement with which club?
Which famous school has been unwittingly used for money laundering?
Which building won the RIBA Stirling Prize?
What number Duke of Blenheim is former bad boy the Marquess of Blandford?
Who has been threatened with claims of plagiarism over her own autobiography?
Who is the new manager of Tranmere?
What was the result of the Women’s Continental Cup?
Who apologized after saying that some child porn sentences are unfair?
It was reported that the Pope has rented out the Sistine Chapel to whom for a function?
3 cyclists from which team failed drugs tests?
London’s Albemarle Street unveiled a blue plaque to which irish patriot?
Who became the UKs first Comics Laureate?
What is the name of the Hurricane, the remnants of which are due to hit the UK next week?

The West Indies cricket team have called off a visit to which country?

Only Connect - Match 7

Orienteers v. Romantics

Now, the Orienteers were Paul Beecher, Simon Spiro and Sean Blanchflower. I must apologized to Paul Beecher, since I am unable to provide any other quiz credits for him. Simon Spiro was very unlucky to score 27 in his 2012 Mastermind heat, and just miss out on a repechage slot. As for captain Sean, well, he is none other than a University Challenge series winner, with Trinity Cambridge, and the creator and proprietor of the finest website all about the series – which is one of my permanent links you can see opposite. Their opposition, the Romantics, I knew less about, but that doesn’t mean anything. Owen Rees, Phil Nelson and skipper Daniel Tuite took their name from their shared love of Romantic Composers. Let’s get on with the show.

Round One – What’s the Connection?

Right, the Tics kicked off with Two Reeds. – Tests Precious Metals- suggested a couple of things to me. Acid test? No that was something else. Touchstone? Maybe. Disney Distribution Label confirmed the Touchstone theory. Not for the Romantics, though, they quite understandably were thinking more of Buena Vista with the Disney one. The third was As You Like It’s wise fool. That was enough and they took the points. The Teers took twisted flax, which provided an early outing for the music set. I think all of us recognized Sinatra, but not the song he was singing for the first. Brass in Pocket by the Pretenders came next. Without the first that could either be metals or pockets. Alannis Morisette’s One Hand in my pocket confirmed it was the latter. The Teers had it at this point. Now, captain Daniel of the Tics courted disaster by not voicing the second vowel of Horned as he opted for the viper, but hey, it’s a free country. I liked this set very much. I didn’t get it from Peace (war) but I had it from Love (law and Order) These were Ministries from George Orwell’s 1984. The third was Plenty (Economic Affairs) and the fourth was the real clincher – Truth (news, entertainment and education). It looked like captain Daniel was fishing a bit when he tried 1984, but it worked. The Eye of Horus hid a picture set. The Teers didn’t recognize Lionel Blue for the first, but knew Jack Black for the second. Now, hang on a minute, I said to myself, colours has to be too easy for this one. Jack Straw was third, so that put the kibosh on colours. What could it be though? A rush of blood to the head saw the Teers try Jacks without taking the last clue. This gave the Tics Gaby Logan. Right, I thought, working on Gaby Logan, it’s more likely to be Logan than Gaby. So logan – Mount Logan? Loganberry? Hello, yes, berries. The Tics didn’t have it. This was one of those which really isn’t that obvious, until it’s pointed out, at which point you have an urge to slap your forehead and shout d’oh! Lion gave the Tics Messiah – too many possibilities with that one, methought. The Tics thought so too, going almost immediately for the second clue, Apocalypse. Hmm – I was struggling at this point. The Heist made me think of films as it did the Tics, but I would have taken another clue. The Tics didn’t, opting for Mel Gibson films. Nope. The Teers were shown the last clue – Russian Roulette, and they offered films about Vietnam. No. Apparently they were all Derren Brown TV specials. A good fair set, and come to think of it I did hear of the Russian Roulette one. No cigar for me though. Now, Water gave the Teers a really interesting set. The Brittas Empire offered too many trees to bark at. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland gave me just an inkling that we might just be dealing with – it was all a dream -  here. Which was confirmed by Vanilla Sky in third. That was enough for the Teers, and Simon explained it for the points. That was enough for the Teers to lead by 4 – 3 at the end of the round.

Round Two – What Comes Fourth?

So to the round which usually separates the really good from the nearly good. Now, I know this is bragging, but I took a five pointer here with the Tics’ first choice. 2011: Dusseldorf, Azerbaijan was enough to give me 2014, Copenhagen, Austria. It’s all to do with the Eurovision Song Contest. In 2011 it was held in Dusseldoorf, and won by Ell and Nikki of Azerbaijan. This year it was held in Copenhagen, and won by Conchita Wurst. The Tics, to be fair to them, knew it was Eurovision from the off, but needed 2012: Baku, Sweden before supplying the correct answer. That’s not bad technique mind you, make sure of the points. Sean too gave us Horned rather than Hornèd Viper. Again, this was a chance at a five pointer. 1st: Sighting made me think of close encounters. Now, the film only dealt with 3 kinds, but the 4th I thought might be abduction, or some interchangeable term. The Teers were there from the start as well. They had the guts enough to gamble, and reaped their due reward for doing it. Very good shout. Water gave the Tics Flag of Mauritius. Now, this flag has 4 horizontal stripe. So presumably we were looking for something with one stripe, like a lance corporal. Adidas shoes for the second clue confirmed my hypothesis. Ironically corporal was the third clue. The Tics were wrong with their numbers, thinking of something with five rather than 1. This gave the Tics the bonus, and they like me went with lance corporal. Eye of Horus gave the Teers Gras – hmm, didn’t have a Scooby myself – Butter – and here I had an inkling. I knew that Grasmere and Buttermere are in the Lake District, which maybe suggested Winder for the answer. If Thirl was the third, it would definitely be that. It was, and sadly it did nothing to help the Teers. It helped the Tics though, who took the bonus. Twisted Flax gave the Tics – Poisoned. Too many possibilities here, but - stabbed by Prince Ludwig - clinched it. These were the fates of the various Edmund Blackadders. In Blackadder Goes Forth he goes over the top – and may have been killed, although it’s not totally clear. The Tics needed – Become Prince Regent  - to get the connection, and provide the correct answer. To finish off then the Teers had the Lion set and the pictures. We began with a green triangle, which meant but little to me. Then a red circle, and when you looked on the screen it immediately looked like the controls on a sony playstation. I knew square came 4th, and my daughters screamed pink square. Neither team knew the colour of the square. This meant that the score at the end of the round going into the walls was 10 – 9 to the Teers, and we were in the throes of a good close contest.

Round Three – The Connecting Walls

The Teers chose Lion, and I could see both a set of football grounds with Road in their name, and places in Bedfordshire. Come to think of it there were also vans and Harry Potter characters too. The Teers began by trying to take out the Bedfordshire towns. This didn’t work at first, so then they showed admirably tenacity in juggling all the road options before finding the right combination of London, Bloomfield, Vicarage and Loftus. The Bedfordshire towns fell into place with Ampthill, Sandy, Dunstable and Flitwick. A little discussion ensued to make sure that they got the last two lines right on their first go, and that’s exactly what they did. The vans were transit – Luton – Sherpa and sprinter, leaving professors Sprout – Pomfrey - Snape, and Carrow (not a professor, but still member of the Hogwarts staff). Textbook. 10 points.

Water stayed with the Harry Potter theme, since I could see a set of owls from the books. There was also a set of aircraft carriers. Michael Jackson album titles sprang out, which left anagram of fish. I didn’t see that until captain Daniel pointed it out. The Tics kicked off by trying to take out the Michael Jackson albums. That didn’t work. Then the aircraft carriers, and that too didn’t work. The fish anagrams broke the log jam though, with Lose – Aunt – Bad and Tutor. Eliminating Bad enabled them to get Off The Wall – Thriller – Dangerous and Invincible. This left them to get Pigwidgeon – Hermes – Errol and Hedwig as the owls. The Aircraft carriers were Bulwark – Ark Royal – Indefatigable and Illustrious. Another excellent wall performance, and a well deserved ten points. It was anybody’s game going into the missing vowels, since the Teers led by 20 to 19.

Round Four – Missing Vowels

It was all down to this round, and the first set, popular game apps, fell 4 – 0 to the Teers. Female leaders and their countries increased the Teers’ lead, falling to them 3 – 1. Kurt Vonnegut novels provided a second four nil shut out for the Teers, and it was all over bar the shouting. Non Olympic Sports went 2 – 1 to the Teers. So at the end the score was 33 – 21. An emphatic scoreline considering how close that match was until the last round, and how well the Romantics played. Hard line, but they’ll be back. Well played Orienteers, especially that vowels round. Good show.

Friday, 17 October 2014

University Challenge - Round One Match 13

Corpus Christi, Cambridge v. York

After quite a long winded preamble, which saw JP taking particular care over the pronunciation of the alliterative Corpus Christi Cambridge team, he introduced Ram Sarujan Rajkumar , Jessica Stewart, Caroline Purvis and the captain Sam Sharma. Apparently York University predates me by a year, although the idea of York University is several centuries older. Their team were Jack Alexander, Adam Koper, Joe Crowther and skipper Alistair Middleton. That’s enough of the niceties, let’s get on with the show.

We began with a whole long list of things which were – the second . . .  – and Alistair Middleton was the first to spot it, opening York’s account. Various Arnolds provided a set of bonuses, and York were happy to take two. A good early buzz from Adam Koper saw him identify the Netherlands as the country whose King took over after the abdication of his mother in 2013. A lovely UC set of bonuses came early in this show. Pop music was the linking theme, and the questions gave three definitions of genres of pop music, asking for their name – so you had a very scientific description of the hip, followed by the latin name of the hop plant. Well, I thought it was clever. Two more bonuses for York. Now, I don’t know what a Feigenbaum diagram is when it’s at home, but Mr. Rajkumar of Corpus Christi knew that it all related to chaos. For their bonuses they were given three questions on Measure for Measure. Got to admit, never taught it, seen it nor read it. I did get the second two bonuses – that it’s set in Vienna is a bit chestnutty. Corpus Christi managed 1 bonus. We were already at the picture starter, and saw a map of Italy with some red dots. When asked for the sporting significance of the red dots, Ram Sarujan Rajkumar took his second consecutive starter by identifying them as the locations of football teams in serie A. Now, for the bonuses, three of the cities marked played host to two teams. The team had to identify which teams were playing in which city. This time they took 2 bonuses. This was enough to narrow the gap to 35 – 40 at the 10 minute mark.

A quote from Walter Bagehot brought the correct answer of Oliver Cromwell from Alistair Middleton, and York were rolling again. Geology proved difficult, and both of us only took the last one. Sam Koper earned a wigging from JP and a pointy finger for buzzing in too early on the next, which was a quote from Bertrand Russell about Mathematics. Corpus Christi were unable to take advantage. Now, Shakespeare had a thing about the name Balthasar. In the next starter, JP gave us four examples of characters with the name from different plays, and Jessica Stewart was the first to throw the name Balthasar into the ring. Canadian Provinces were by no means gimmes, but the team took a full set, to take the lead for the first time in the competition. Asked for the name of one of the three men to be Chancellor, Foreign Secretary and PM, Joe Crowther supplied John Major. Bonuses on astronomy brought another 5 points, which took us up to the music set. It took a little while, but it was Jessica Stewart who first recognized Happy Birthday by Stevie Wonder. Three more songs associated with the civil rights movement followed. They got the first and last, but missed out on Marvin Gaye in the middle. Now, the next starter, on a famous Philip Larkin poem, seemed to be leading towards a request for the line – They *&!% you up your mum and dad – This may be why Jessica Stewart buzzed, then felt better of it and apologized. Thankfully the question swerved, and asked instead for the advice that the poem gives the reader in its final line. The answer being ‘and don’t have any kids yourself’ – advice which, to be fair, the old curmudgeon followed. Sam Crowther heard ‘Ecclesisastical History . . . ‘ and when this was eventually followed by the word ‘Northumbrian’ he slammed the buzzer, and gave the correct answer of The Venerable Bede. Bonuses on people born in Riga brought ten points, and more importantly the lead. A great interruption from Alistair Middleton saw him identify the phylum of creatures with a spine or stiffening rod (behave yourselves) as chordata. Bonuses on the river Rhine added a further ten points to their score, taking them into three figures. I was pleased with myself for getting the next starter, knowing that five of the world’s largest 12 islands are either wholly or partly part of Indonesia. Alistair Middleton took that one for York, which gave them a set of bonuses on the King James Bible. They didn’t get any of them, all of which meant that by just after the 20 minute mark York were leading by 115 to 75, a lead which had all been carved out in the last couple of minutes, so they were certainly the team with the momentum.

For the second picture starter that man Middleton identified an equestrian statue of Genghis Khan. Three more equestrian statues followed. They knew Richard I and Louis XIV, but missed out on Charlemagne. Not surprised, I was nowhere near either. Sam Sharma knew that CTS is Carpal tunnel syndrome, and this gave Corpus Christi a set of bonuses on the works of Thomas Hardy. This was a very gettable set, but they only managed 5 points. A hell of a good buzz from Mr. Rajkumar for the next one. I don’t know what the unit of distance measuring 150 billion metres is, but he knew that its abbreviation is also the chemical symbol for gold. That brought Corpus Christi into 3 figures. Words beginning with Gn followed – and that earned not only a full set, but a ‘well done’ from Jez. Only 20 points behind now. Neither team knew Calabria is the Italian region on the Straits of Messina, although Sam Sharma was closest with Calibria. York lost five for an early buzz. Brontolo, Grincheux and Severus are the Italian, French and Latin for Grumpy of the Seven Dwarves. Alistair Middleton worked this one out and earned a really nice UC special set on fauna whose names are reduplicative, eg, the dodo. I’ve never heard of cucus, any more than York had, although we both had the other two. Sam Crowther knew that the hotel rent value of Mayfair is precisely 8 times that of Old Kent Road in Monopoly. This earned a set on African countries. York answered in double quick time, only missing out on Bechuanaland, the former name of Botswana. Caroline Purvis knew that a set of operas were all based on the works of Schiller. Physical constants named after Scientists saw them raise their score to 35. A repechage slot was tantalizingly close, but so little time remained. In fact the gong went before any more points were scored.

The final result was 170 – 135 to York. Corpus Christi didn’t get the consolation of JP saying what a nice team they were, which he’s been doing a lot this series. Don’t know why, they seemed perfectly nice to me. As for York, that was a good performance against a useful team, so you never know. Good luck in round two.

Jeremy Paxman Watch

Nowt of any note at all for long periods of the show. When offered Martha Reeves and the Vandellas our hero pontificated, “Well, she was just called Martha and the Vandellas at that point I think.” JP a Motown fan? Top man if that’s the case.
Finally a little needle emerged when Corpus Christi only managed to get one bonus on the Thomas Hardy set. JP hates people getting English Literature questions wrong! Knowing that Angel Clare appears in tess of the D’Urbervilles, he muttered,
“Indeed . . . so you’ve done that at school.”

Interesting Fact That I Didn’t Already Know Of The Week

Brontolo, Grincheux and Severus are name for Grumpy in Italian, French and Latin.

Mastermind - Round one - Heat 10

Before you ask, yes, there were two more recidivists in tonight’s show. Not that this is really here or there, but it is something I find to be of interest.

It was one of the two virgins who kicked off tonight, though. Rod Allday was answering on The Thames Path. Now, I had a feeling that this was one of those rounds which is a little unusual, and the kind of thing you’d only take if it was really a special interest, and therefore we’d see something special. Unfortunately for Rod it didn’t quite work out that way. It just seemed that in a lot of the questions in the middle of the round the setters were asking aspects that Rod hadn’t considered at all, and he racked up no fewer than 6 passes. We see it happen from time to time, and it’s just one of those things. As it was Ron did well to rally from his mid round slump to push himself up to 7 points.

Diana Muir has twice previously been a first round contender. In 2010 she answered on Gertrude Jekyll, and was a little unfortunate to lose by a single point, with her score of 23 not being high enough to get her a repechage slot. She returned in 2012 but was unable to do better than third in her heat this time. Nothing deterred, here she was back for a third bite at the cherry, this time offering us Monica Dickens as a subject. It was a round that seemed to promise quite a bit more than it delivered. I don’t know if Diana had concentrated more on her life, but dome of the book details troubled her, and in the end she had taken the lead, but only by a single point with 8.

The second first timer of this show, Hywel Morgan, looked to be one of the youngest competitors in this year’s competition. He was answering on the music of Steve Reich. Steve Reich in the afternoon? Yes, I am that ignorant that I was hitherto unaware of his work. The same could not be said of Hywel, though. His performance was considerably better than either of those we had seen before. John chided him gently for passing on one question – haven’t seen you in the chair yourself, yet, John – but all the same 13 points was a very good return from the round, and with 1 contender yet to come he had a 5 point lead.

Our final contender of the week, Neil Crockford, has, like Diana, appeared twice before. As long ago as 1975 Neil reached the semi final in the series won by the late John Hart. Then in 2005, Pat’s series, Neil returned to finish 3rd in the Grand Final, being beaten by 2014 Brain of Britain Mark Grant, and the great Pat Gibson. That’s some company to keep. He was certainly the runner with the best track record in the field, but he didn’t make things any easier for himself with his specialist round on Thomas Chatterton. It was never a bad round, but topping out at 9 you did feel that he was leaving himself a lot to do int eh General Knowledge round, trailing by 4.

Now, I actually felt that Rod’s general knowledge round started rather well, but it can’t have been quite a minute into it when the gears really started grinding, and the right answers began to dry up. 8 isn’t a bad score, but it’s not great either, and in all honesty it looked to be a bit of a struggle. As indeed did Diana Muir’s. She scored 7 in GK last time out, and this round was much on a par with that. It was one of those round where there were a lot of things which you’d hear if you’re a regular quiz player, but you probably wouldn’t know otherwise, and to be honest Diana was having to work hard for every point. She finished ahead of Rod by virtue of her extra point in the specialist round, but it was fairly clear that she wasn’t going to be making the semi finals this time around.

So on to the two rounds that would sort out who was going to the semi final, and who wasn’t. Neil’s task was fairly clear. He had to post the highest GK score that he could, to place Hywel within the corridor of uncertainty and hope that this would be enough to do the trick. Going for the win was by far his best chance of a semi final slot, since he needed a massive GK score to give him a chance at the repechage. For the first minute to 90 seconds he looked as if he might well get a score of anything up to 15. The last minute didn’t prove to be quite so fruitful, and in the end he scored 12. This took his total to 21, and meant that Hywel needed 9 to win outright. Hmmm.

Well, Hywel looked a little shaky with his first answer, but then very good with his second, and actually that was a pretty good metaphor for the whole round. There were some easier questions that went begging, but on the other hand Hywel also produced some very good answers to other. He managed to hit double figures, which was enough to get him home with a little bit to spare, ending up with 23. Well done, and good luck in the semis.

The Details

Rod Allday  The Thames Path 7 -68 – 0 15 - 6
Diana MuirMonica Dickens8 - 08 - 316 - 3
Hywel MorganThe Music of Steve Reich13 - 110 - 623 - 7
Neil CrockfordThe Life and Works of Thomas Chatterton9 - 012 – 0 21 - 0

Answers to News Questions

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

Brenda Leyland
Ça c’est fait comme ça
The Rainbow Room
Jules Bianchi
Ghoncheh Ghavami
Arnis Zalkains
Harry Street
Jean Claude Duvalier
Russell Slade
John O’Keefe
Isamu Akasaki – Shiji Nakamura – Harishi Amano
Maria Ramero Ramos
Nancy Birtwhistle
Lord Hill
Mziwamadoda Qwabe
Ray Cole
Geoffrey Holder
Phil Ivey
James Gibson
Max Whitlock
Patrick Modiano
The Endless River
Satya Nadella

In Other News

Which IT giant announced that it is splitting its businesses up?
Whose trial began in South Africa?
What was the score between Chelsea and Arsenal?
Which multiple Olympic champion was arrested for drunk driving?
Which horse won the Prix de L’Arc de Triomphe for the second year in a row?
Who actually won the Japanese GP?
Who was the first celebrity voted out of Strictly Come Dancing?
Which British Tv presenter announced that she’d had a double mastectomy?
How long did it take for Glastonbury 2015 tickets to sell out?
Which Paris landmark celebrated its 25th anniversary?
Which Hollywood star defended Islam on a chat show?
Argentina’s rugby union team gained their first ever win in The Championship – against which team?
What did Michael Bloomberg receive last week?
Who was appointed creative director of Maison martin margiela?
What change was made to Davis Cup matches, which it is argued will make them less attractive to top players?
What was opened in the Eiffel Tower?
Which cult Tv show is set to return?
What have the ASA banned Poundworld from doing?
Which singer revealed last week that he has been treated for cancer 4 times?
Where is Carlos the Jackal to stand trial again?
Which sport failed to submit application to be included in the 2020 Paralympics before the deadline?
Who announced that he will stand for the vice presidency of FIFA?
Wasps are set to move to which stadium?
Who spoke out against stolen nude pictures, and said that anyone viewing them is guilty of a sex crime?
Who was appointed chief executive of the ECB?
Britain sent 750 troops to which country?
Who are ending their sponsorship of Golf’s world matchplay?
Catherine Zeta Jones is said to have been signed up to appear in a film version of which TV series?
UKIP won the Clacton by-election, and were a close second in which other?
What was the score between England and San Marino
 – and Spain and Slovakia?
– and Wales and Bosnia?
What was the name of the 2010 Tour de France winner who announced his retirement?
Name the three unions that called off their 14th October strike
A new court ruling says that what can be advertised on TV?
Who won the Nobel Peace prize?
Which celebrity has been told that the police will be taking no further actions over allegations of a sexual nature?
In which town have the Clooneys bought a British home?


Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

She was found dead after being accused by Sky TV of making offensive tweets about the McCanns
Autobiography of Gerard Depardieu
Reopened in Rockefeller Plazs
Critically injured in Japanese GP
Brit woman thrown into jail in Iran for attending a men’s volleyball match
Suspect in murder of Alice Gross, found dead in Boston Manor Park in Hounslow
Mentally ill gunman freed from prison who was found to have a massive arsenal in his home
Former ‘Baby Doc’ dictator of Haiti – died
Finally named as Cardiff City manager
Winner of Nobel Prize for Medicine
Turkish border town under siege by ISIS
Shared the Nobel Prize for Physics
Spanish nurse who contracted Ebola
Winner of Great British Bakeoff
New EU Commissioner for financial services
Murderer of Anni Dewani who claimed in court that Shrien Dewani paid him £830 to do it
British holidaymaker who had been jailed in Morocco for 4 months who was freed.
Dancer and actor, who played Baron Samedi in live and Let Die – passed away
Lost his London court case against the casino who refused to pay out his £7.7 million winnings
Police Community Support Officer not allowed to use his bike because ha has not passed the police test.
Won all round silver in men’s world gymnastics championships
French winner of the Nobel prize for Literature
New Pink Floyd album that is billed as their last
Microsoft boss who had to apologise for saying that women shouldn’t ask for a raise

In Other News

Hewlett Packard
Shrien Dewani
2 – 0 Chelsea
Michael Phelps
Lewis Hamilton
Gregg Wallace
Michael Strachan
26 minutes
Moulin Rouge
Ben Affleck
Honorary Knighthood
John Galliano
Matches will no longer be awarded ATP points
A brand new vertigo inducing glass floor
Twin Peaks
Saying that everything is 1 pound – it isn’t any more
David Gill
Ricoh Arena in Coventry
Jennifer Lawrence
Tom Harrison
Sierra Leone
Dad’s Army
Heywood Middleton
5 – 0 england
2 – 1 Slovakia
0 – 0
Andy Schleck
GMB – Unison – Unite
E Cigarettes
Malala Yusufzai
Paul Gambaccini