Saturday, 22 September 2012

Humphrys v. Paxman - take two

The two of them are at it again. Jeremy ‘Piledriver’ Paxman and John ‘The Hammer’ Humphrys are flexing their muscles and beating their metaphorical chests in each other’s direction. As this article from the Daily Telegraph explains, JP entered JH’s lair of Radio 4’s Today programme to celebrate the show’s 50th anniversary, and John wasted no opportunity to raise the hoary head of the ‘dumbing down’ issue once again. You can read the whole article here :

Daily Telegraph - University Challenge at 50 is harder than ever

It’s almost three years since we last had the sight of these two behemoths squaring up to each other. You can find what I wrote about that particular spat at the time in this post from 2009

There's Only One Way To Find Out

Just in case you don’t remember that original post, or haven’t the time to read it again, I take the liberty of reposting my blueprint for peace between these two rutting stags of the quiz mastery universe : -

The Clark Plan For Peace

Both of you go on Sleb Mastermind, with the same subject – British Politics 1990 – 2007. Then both of you captain a team against each other in a UC quiz. JP can have a team made up of , lets say, the captains of the last three UC winning teams, and JH can have a team made of three Mastermind champions ( I immodestly volunteer my own services. Well, it’s my ball, and if I can’t play then I’m taking it home. ) Should any enterprising BBC producer be reading this, then yes, I am most definitely available, and would even act as MM questionmaster for their show for no added fee.

I still think it’s got legs, boys , if you’re up for it.


dxdtdemon said...

As long as both of those specials are hosted by Victoria Coren, it sounds like a great idea.

Londinius said...

Hi dxdtdemon

Your comment does actually raise an interesting question. How long will Only Connect have to be on our screens before the begrudgers start shaking their heads sorrowfully and accuse it of 'dumbing down' ? Now that really would take the biscuit.