Saturday, 22 September 2012

Answers to News Questions

Who or What are the following and why have they been in the news ?

1. San Cristobal
2. Liam Broady
3. Monty
4. Xi Jiping
5. Oli Beale
6. Bill Moggridge
7. Chris Stevens
8. Behind the Lines
9. Rocio Pavan - Narrete
10. Neil Black
11. Sid Watkins
12. John Dunlop
13. Kweku Aduboli
14. Diaoyu / Senkakus

In Other News

1. In which position did Team GB finish in the Paralympic Games medal table ?
2. Team GBs David Weir won golds in how many events ?
3. Which vessel is to be sold for scrap ?
4. Whom did Andy Murray beat in the semi final on the way to his magnificent US Open Singles victory ?
5. With which team did Scotland contest a draw in their first world cup qualifier ?
6. Who won the Italian Grand Prix
7. Who won the Vuelta Espana ?
8. IN which position did GB’s Chris Froome finish in the Vuelta ?
9. Who was revealed as the second best selling author in the UK after JKRowling since 1998 ?
10. Which welsh exam board has announced that it will regrade GCSE English ?
11. Which Olympic Gold medallist will contest Strictly Come Dancing this year ?
12. Who will be the oldest ever contestant in Strictly Come Dancing this year ?
13. What did Iran’s President Ahmedinajad accuse the West of destroying this week?
14. Which city has been chosen or the ‘EuroVegas’ super casino ?
15. Who won the ladies’ singles in the US Open ?
16. Villagers are up in arms to prevent the sale of which Cape to the MOD ?
17. Which X Factor runner up is being sued by her former management ?
18. Who resigned from the Labour Party front bench ?
19. Whose penalty enabled England to gain a 1 – 1 draw with the Ukraine ?
20. Who was sent off for England in the same match ?
21. What was the score in the Wales v. Serbia qualifier ?
22. What was the score in the Northern Ireland v. Luxembourg match ?
23. Which book is the book most left behind in hotel rooms ?
24. Who claimed last week that he had been a victim of domestic abuse in his first two marriages ?
25. What was unveiled by Apple last week ?
26. Which former newspaper editor and broadcaster passed away last week ?
27. What will appear in Midsomer Murders for the first time next month ?
28. Who apologized to Liverpool fans for his horrible Spectator article 8 years ago, following the truth about the Hillsborough tragedy finally emerging last week ?
29. Who refused to have his pension reduced, but agreed not to take it until he is 65 ?
30. Which two teams will be promoted from cricket’s division 2 ?
31. Nissan are to recall 7000 of their 2012 versions of which model ?
32. Who made his last broadcast on radio 1
33. Who is currently visiting Lebanon and Syria ?
34. A new species of which mammal was announced last week ?
35. Which French magazine published topless photos of the Duchess of Cambridge last week ?
36. Which Hollywood star is helping clear earthquake damage in Haiti ?
37. Who withdrew from the Tour of Britain ?
38. Which resort was the venue for the TUC Conference ?
39. What symbols of love have been removed from ancient bridges over the River Tiber in Rome ?


Who or what are the following ?

1. Volcano which erupted in Nicaragua
2. Lost in Final of US Open Boys tournament
3. Queen’s corgi that passed away
4. Chinese leader in waiting who has disappeared from public view in recent weeks
5. He graded his noisy neighbours attempts at late night karaoke – the photo became a sensation on the internet
6. Designer of the first lap top – passed away
7. American ambassador to Libya, tragically killed
8. New autobiography of Victoria Pendleton
9. Cleaner on trial accused of stealing £30,000 from Derren Brown
10. New performance director of UK Athletics
11. Formula One safety pioneer passed away
12. Horse racing trainer announced he will retire at the end of this season
13. UBS trader on trial – he lost £1.4 billion
14. Disput4ed island group – cause of tension between China and Japan

In Other News

1. 3rd
2. 4
3. HMS Ark Royal
4. Thomas Berdych
5. Macedonia
6. Lewis Hamilton
7. Alberto Contador
8. 4th
9. Jamie Oliver
10. WJEC
11. Victoria Pendleton
12. Johnny Ball
13. Rainclouds
14. Madrid
15. Serena Williams
16. Cape Wrath
17. Rebecca Ferguson
18. Tessa Jowell
19. Frank Lampard
20. Steven Gerrard
21. 6 – 1 to Serbia
22. 1 – 1
23. Fifty Shades of Grey
24. Sir Roger Moore
25. iphone5
26. Derek Jameson
27. An asian family
28. Boris Johnson
29. John Bercow
30. Derbyshire and Yorkshire
31. Qashqai
32. Chris Moyles
33. Pope Benedict XVI
34. A monkey
35. Closer
36. Sean Penn
37. Bradley Wiggins
38. Brighton
39. Padlocks

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Ewan M said...

Always enjoy your In the News questions. I was just recommending them to a team-mate as good prep for an upcoming quiz. Many thanks for going to the trouble to post them.

Sorry to be a pedant but Scotland's first World Cup qualifier wasn't against Macedonia (that was our second). The first was an even more uninspiring draw with Serbia (0-0). I should know - I was there!