Saturday, 15 November 2014

LAM Podcast 19

In this week's show: -

Paired general knowledge questions
Talking points on specialist v. general quizzes
Birmingham Mega Quiz
Only Connect
University Challenge
Celebrity Quiz shows
Court of Public Opinion
Do You Remember
Answers to Last Week's Questions


Gavin Tillman said...

Going for Gold - bit harsh? Obviously not in the same class as the shows we usually discuss but not bad. You are right about the what m Ihead to head, it has feature in other shows.

100% - didn't see many, and isn't realise it was no longer on, I agree your point about having a decent number of questions. You'll remember my biggest criticism of Eggheads was that an individual typically only faced three questions, and you'd expect the element of luck to have much less impact with 100 questions rather thn three :-)

Adam "Addy" Lewis said...

Ah, Going For camp and naff as they come, yet on the other hand it had a certain charm about it, and for all its faults, it was exceedingly popular and it had a massive influence on today's shows.

On that basis, I have to vote to keep it out of the Hall of Shame. It's a bit like your old war veteran relative who has some rather strange and frankly unsanitary quirks that mean you never want to let them be seen with you on any occasion on which you want to keep your dignity in tact. In fact you're often far more inclined to deny any relation at all. But there's something about them that forces you to begrudgingly respect them - if only privately.

I fully get why it was nominated, however ;)

Gavin Tillman said...

Ah I should have proof read my earlier post. That's typing on an iPad for you.

It should read "You are right about the 'What am I' head to head", it has featured in other shows.

Adam sums up the show pretty well.

Londinius said...

Hi Gavin

Well, that's what the Court of Public Opinion is for - to express an opinion. I shall count yours as a vote against inclusion.

Hi Adam,

Thanks for your vote - so at the moment Going for Gold is not going to be inducted.

Gavin Tillman said...

I might vote for the series MASCOT to be included though. The cat with the streamers.

Londinius said...

Hmm - I don't know that one. I'll have to check it out.

Gavin Tillman said...

About ten minutes in