Friday, 21 November 2014

Answwers to News Questions

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

Mockingjay Part 1
Dolores O’Riordan
Henry ‘Big Bank Hank’ Jackson
Francois Gissy
Trans-Pacific Partnership
Revelation TV
Sheikh Saud Bin Mohammad Bin Ali Al-Thani
67/P Churyumov Cherasimenko
Lee Joon-Seok
Sam Simon
Ali Astall
Michael Garcia
Harold Morgan
Rohit Sharma
The Imitation Game
Desmond O’Mello
Nigel Owens
Luke King
Chris Denning
Ayan Qureshi
Bath Blue
Angus Sinclair

In Other News

The Government faced criticism for ditching a Commons vote on what?
Which large US porganisation were hacked last week
Who last week pledged that he will never run for leadership of the Labour Party?
Who sent an open letter to Ant and Dec asking them to stop cruelty to animals in the I’m A Celebrity . . . bushtucker trials?
The Panorama broadcast about what was postponed ?
Where were new glass floored walkways unveiled last week?
The (4th) Band Aid 30th anniversary single is aimed at which cause?
Which highly respected former cricketer and broadcaster announced he is receiving treatment for skin cancer?
What was Mick Jagger reported as suffering from?
Who was the 6th celebrity voted out of Strictly?
Name the Pakistan batsman who scored 176 but suffered a head fracture in the same innings
Oxo will be screening an advert on Christmas Day as a tribute to whom?
A former stage set in the 2009 Star Trek film is becoming home to what or whom?
Who was banned from skiing competition for four years?
Two World Cup winners medals were sold by England 1966 players last week. Which two?
Which comedian and TV presenter sold Sir Stanley Matthews’ 1953 FA Cup winner’s medal?
Who asked Sheffield United to remove her name from one of their stands at Bramall Lane if they re-sign Ched Evans
Who said that the Conservatives were worse than Cromwell?
Who became the only writer to achieve sales of £10 million five years in a row?
An Andy Warhol triple image of whom sold for £51 million?
Where was a tiger not a tiger last week?
ON which racecourse have a number of races over the last 5 years been run over the wrong distance?
Who is the new manager of Burton Albion?
Who was appointed manager of Real Sociedad?
Which TV and film actor passed away aged 67?
What was the score in the match between Argentina and Croatia?
What was named the most influential book of all time?
Who knocked Andy Murray out of the ATP finals?
What was the score in the qualifying match between Greece and the Faroe Islands?
–and Romania and Northern Ireland?
– and Scotland and the Republic of Ireland?


Who or what are following and why have they been in the news?

Asia Pacific Economic Co operation summit, held in Beijing last week
3rd Hunger Games film
Lead singer of the Cranberries, arrested in connection with air rage incident
Member of Sugar Hill Gang passed away
Rode a rocket bicycle at 207 mph
The Obama trade deal which would have excluded China which was rejected by APEC
Revelation Foundation behind this evangelical channel were being investigated for financial irregularities
Member of the Qatari Royal Family who passed away suddenly in London
The Comet on which the Philae probe landed
Captain of the Korean ferry sunk in April who was sentenced to 36 years in jail
Co creator of the Simpsons announced he is giving away $100 million because he is dying of cancer
Became engaged to Declan ‘Dec’ Donnelly
Wrote report on alleged corruption in FIFA 2018 and 2022 bidding process. Announced that FIFA’s summary of the report misrepresents his findings
Soldier who was killed with no apparent family or friends – subject of Facebook appeal for people to attend his funeral.
The probe from the Rosetta spacecraft that landed on a comet
Indian batsman who hit the highest ever ODI total of 264 runs v. Sri Lanka
Film starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing
The HIV risk dentist – whose deplorable standards of hygiene put patients’ health at risk
International RU referee, subjected to homophobic abuse in England v. NZ international
1st person in UK to be jailed for ‘revenge porn’
Former Radio 1 DJ admitted to 10 charges of indecent assault on a male
The world’s youngest Microsoft Certified Professional – 5 years old
Named the world’s best cheese at the BBC Good Food show
The “World’s End Killer’ jailed for 37 years

In Other News

European Arrest Warrant
US Postal Service
Alan Johnson
Chris Packham
The ‘Fake Sheikh’
Tower Bridge
Richie Benaud
Traumatic Stress Disorder
Alison Hammond
Ahmed Shehzad
Lynda Bellingham
Vanessa Mae
Ray Wilson and Jimmy Greaves
Nick Hancock
Jessica Ennis-Hill
Hilary Mantel
Julia Donaldson
Elvis Presley
It was announced that a tiger was loose near Disneyland Paris, then later said that it was a smaller type of big cat
Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink
David Moyes
Warren Clarke
2 – 1 Argentina
The Bible
Roger Federer
1 – 0 Faroe Islands
2 – 0 Romania

1 – 0 Scotland

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