Friday, 28 November 2014

Answers to News Questions

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

Glen A. Larson
Wake Me Up
Abdul Rahman Kassig
Sebastian Ogier
Fara Williams
Jack Cottle
Tam O’Brann
Isa Guha
Tania Clarence
The Prince’s Drawing School
Jared and Serena Gambling
Julien Blanc
Sir John Cass Foundation and Redcoat School
Gemma Collins
Broadway Hotel, Blackpool
Tom Kristensen
The Duchess of Alba
Nicola Sturgeon
Emily Thornberry
Dave Prowse
Dave Whelan
Will Stevens
Melinda Gates
George Kemp
Andy Coulson
Jim Webb
Jason Knauf

In Other News

Who was the 6th person out of Strictly Come Dancing?
What was the score in the Euro qualifier between Wales and Belgium?
– and England and Slovenia?
What was the result of the ATP world finals?
What was the score in the RU test between Scotland and the All Blacks?
 – and Wales and Fiji?
– and England and South Africa?
– and France and Australia?
The General Synod passed which significant piece of legislation last week?
Who severely injured his arm and cheek while cycling in Central Park last week?
Where did Argentina and Portugal play a friendly match last week?
Which former GB rugby player joined St Helens as Assistant Coach?
Which anniversary did Lotto celebrate last week?
What controversial rating was the Paddington Bear movie given last week?
Which long term prisoner announced he was getting married last week?
What was the score in the friendly football international between England and Scotland?
Which city has been awarded the 2019 IAAF World Athletics Championship?
What was the score between Portugal and Argentina?
Who savaged Ed Milliband on ITV’s “The Agenda”?
Who was appointed manager of Wigan FC?
Which venue hosted the first ever full rugby union test match on an artificial pitch?
Which Motown singer passed away aged 78?
Which conference side knocked Portsmouth out of the FA Cup?
Which Oscar winning director passed away aged 83?
What did Sheffield United retract last week?
What song has been released as a celebrity single for UNICEF to celebrate 25 years of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child?
Who was clocked speeding on his push bike in Hyde Park?
What type of luggage has been banned in Venice?
Who were signed and released by Ferrari last week?
Who won the Rochester Strood bye election?
What did Ladybird Books promise?
The Occupy Movement set up camp where in London?
Whose watercolour of Munich Town Hall is to be auctioned for an estimated £40,000?
Which former Premiership footballer was one of the first ten players elected to the Asian Football Hall of Fame?


Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

US TV producer of shows such as Battlestar Galactica – passed away
Children in Need Charity Single went to No 1
US Aid worker beheaded by ISIL
Won the Wales GB rally
England Ladies’ most capped footballer
Jailed for driving his girlfriend’s car onto the Brands Hatch racetrack during a race as a dare
Tea grower in Scotland whose tea is to be stocked by Fortnum and Mason
1st woman to be appointed a regular summariser on test Match Special
Mother who killed her 3 children when suffering from severe depression given hospital order rather than jail sentence
Has now been awarded the title of The Royal Drawing School
Twins who have both earned every single Scout badge
Self Styled US dating guru ‘Pickup Artist’ barred from UK
Successful Tower Hamlets school put on special measures due to unregulated Islamic society in 6th form.
TOWIE star quit I’m A Celebrity
Charged a couple £100 for writing a bad review – then refunded the money later
Former Le Mans winner announced retirement
The world’s most titled aristocrat – passed away
Sworn in as Scotland’s first minister
Labour frontbencher sacked for tweeting photograph from Rochester of house with white van and two St George’s flags
Made a comeback as the Green Cross Code man aged 79
Company applied for license for hundreds of wells for shale gas in Scotland
Wigan owner accused of racist and anti semitic comments
Driver making F1 debut in Caterham team
Won the Chatham House prize for humanitarian work
Won the title of the World’s Biggest Liar in Cumbria
Freed from prison
1st declared candidate for Presidential nomination for the Democratic party
New Communication secretary for the Cambridges and Prince Harry

In Other News

Judy Murray
0 – 0
3 – 1 England
Roger Federer pulled out before the start
24 – 16 NZ
17 – 13 Wales
31 – 28 S. Africa
29 – 26 France
To allow the ordination of women bishops
Old Trafford
Sean Long
20th anniversary
Charles Manson
3 – 1 England
1 – 0 Portugal
Myleene Klass
Malky Mackay
Rugby Park, Kilmarnock
Jimmy Ruffin
Mike Nicholls
Training offer to Ched Evans
Jeremy Vine
Wheelie bags
Alonso is out, and Vettel is in
Mark Reckless of UKIP
It will stop any labelling of ‘girls’ and ‘boys’ books on covers
Parliament Square
Adolf Hitler

Harry Kewell

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