Saturday, 25 October 2014

LAM Podcast 16

In this week's podcast:-
Questions on Science Fiction
Talking points on what should be included in a quiz, University Challenge and Only Connect
Court of Public Opinion
Do You Remember
Answers to Cryptic Questions


Gavin Tillman said...

The podcast seemed to stop just after you explained what a Swahili journey was. I'll try again later, on a different platform (Mac rather than iPad) and see if the same thing happens; I need to head off to work now

Londinius said...

Hi Gavin
Sorry about that. I just tried it myself, and it worked fine for me off the post, so I don't really know why that happened - apologies.


Gavin Tillman said...

Ok thanks. I'll try again

Gavin Tillman said...

Must be a resource/memory thing: this is probably quite a bit longer than other podcasts because of the cryptic solutions, and it stretched my poor iPad. Both attempts it fell over near the end, in different places. But it played absolutely fine on the Mac.