Saturday, 25 October 2014

In The News

In the news

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

Piledriver Ale
William Pooley
Shane Byrne
Mikko Ilonen
Derek Fidyka
Hannah Kentish
Joko Widodo
Lee Clark
Peyton Manning
No Limits
The Optimists
Fiona Woolf
Gough Whitlam
Shamil Tarpischev
Medi Alambaba
Nelson Bunker Hunt
Younis Khan
Michael Cheika
Philip Davies MP
Norah Lawley
Vido Lancar
Sir Richard Broadbent
Michael Zehaf – Bibeau
Harry Roberts
Maryville-Pilchuck School
Gilbert the Gull

In Other News

At which power station was there a major fire?
Who warned David Cameron that a UK jobs cap breaks EU rules?
Prince Charles ordered a cull of which creatures on his estates?
Who was honored with a BFI fellowship?
How much is the charge for carrier bags introduced in Scotland?
What was the score between Sunderland and Southampton?
Name the footballer whose appeal for a review of his conviction for rape has been fast tracked?
Which movie vehicle sold for £850,000?
Who was the third out of Strictly?
Which historic attraction suffered from fire again?
Which much loved British actress passed away last week?
Who created the much pilloried song UKIP Calypso?
Which British city rated highest on the Lonely Planet list?
What was the score between Man Utd and West Ham?
Which two teams contest baseball’s world series?
Who is the new St. Helens head coach?
Where was a bronze statue to pay tribute to the women’s Land Army unveiled?
Which designer died last week?
IN which part of the UK has a ban on paying for sex been introduced?
What sentence was passed on Oscar Pistorius?
What was the Champions League score between Man City and CSKA Moscow?
And Chelsea and Maribor?
Which musician angered China by voicing support for Hong Kong Demonstrators
Who was endorsed as new President of the European Commission?
Microsoft will be dropping what as a brand name?
What was the score between Liverpool and Real Madrid?
– and Arsenal and Anderlecht?
Two episodes of which vintage ITV comedy series were found last week?
Kosovo was provisionally recognized by which organization last week?
Which former cricketer was in a dispute with the RSPB?
MPs rejected calls for the Palace of Westminster to get what?
Which 72 year old musician passed away last week?
What was the score between Spurs and Asteras Tripoli?
Which team has Freddie Flintoff joined for the Big Bash?
What was the score between Everton and Lille?
Which businessman impressed by speaking Mandarin in China?
Administrators have been called into which F1 team?
How much extra money has the EU demanded from the UK?
The first Ebola case has been reported in which US city?
Who issued her first tweet under her own name?
A notebook from Captain Scott’s expedition was found where?
Who said he intends to retire this summer from football?

Who will miss the ATP finals this year through injury?

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