Sunday, 19 October 2014

Have you seen -

This week's Weaver's Week on the UK site? It's always good, but there's a terrific piece this week all about which quiz/gameshows have had the most competitors participating worldwide during their history.

You can read it by clicking on the UK Gameshows link in my links section on the left, and then click on Weaver's Week on the home page.

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dxdtdemon said...

First, I would like to thank Mr. Weavers for this article, because it was something I've always been curious about. I'm just sort of curious about his decision about what versions of It's Academic to include for that particular show. There are a few other It's Academic series in other US metropolitan areas that he didn't include, for example the former Chicago one that a woman then known as Hillary Rodham participated in, as well as ones in the Cleveland and Youngstown areas. For that matter, until the recent recession, pretty much every metropolitan area that didn't have It's Academic had a similar show on either radio or TV where high schoolers would compete against each other for college scholarship money. I'm not sure if you added them all together, if you might get a number of participants in the millions, or if it's just in the high hundred thousands.