Saturday, 18 October 2014

News Questions

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

John Doyle and Stephanie Withall
Brooks Newman
Sumane Biles
Colin Turkington
Greg Hancock
Angus Sinclair
Samra Kesinovic
Here Lies Love
Andy King
Evo Morales
Daniela Poggiali
Martina Purdey
Richard Flanagan
The Narrow Road to the Deep North
Amal Clooney
Lord Freud
Nicola Sturgeon
Oasis of the Seas
Ellie Close
William Gallas
Bloodswept Lands and Seas of Red
Maya Makri
David Willis

In Other News

What did Helmut Kohl say about the late Margaret Thatcher last week?
Whose memory is to be recognized by a Lottery project?
Which politician said that he liked the Queen last week?
What was the score between England and Estonia?
Who is Bolton Wanderers’ new manager?
Which club won the Women’s football super league
Lewis Hamilton won the Russian GP to go level on GP wins with Nigel Mansell. How many?
Which team have now won the F1 constructors’ championship?
Who retained his world Motogp title?
Name the Wigan player sent off in the Grand Final and banned for 6 months for punching Lance Hohaia?
What do the Labour Party want teachers to have to take?
Who was the second celebrity to leave Strictly?
Which South American country qualified for the Rugby world cup by beating Russia?
Which culinary delights had their own national week last week?
MPs voted to recognize the statehood of who or what?
What was the score between Wales and Cyprus?
– and Iceland and Netherlands?

Who is the new manager of Scunthorpe?
Who was criticized for saying that the girl raped by footballer Ched Evans ‘suffered no bodily harm’?
David Cameron was criticized for posing for a photograph with whom?
Which government are to be invited to place a wreath at the Cenotaph in November?
Which character’s makeover upset fans last week?
Who walked off stage in Darlington when a mobile phone kept going off in the front row?
The ceremonial route for whose funeral was announced last week?
Who reportedly is launching his own fashion label in India?
David Peace donated the stage rights to The Damned United to which theatre company in Leeds?
What was the score between Poland and Scotland?
And Germany and the Republic of Ireland?
A new welsh language branch of which chain had to apologise for putting up welsh signs which were complete gobbledygook in Aberystwyth?
Who has been charged by the FA with making an offensive tweet?
Who apologized for blocking up people’s music library on itunes, and put it down to a little bit of megalomania?
Who recorded a video dancing with a turnip?
What was Henry Winkler awarded last week?
Why did Howden le Wear Primary School block a visit from a Ghanaian teacher last week?
Which country did Northern Ireland beat last week in football?
What happened in the Serbia v Albania match last week?
Chelsea reached a new loan agreement with which club?
Which famous school has been unwittingly used for money laundering?
Which building won the RIBA Stirling Prize?
What number Duke of Blenheim is former bad boy the Marquess of Blandford?
Who has been threatened with claims of plagiarism over her own autobiography?
Who is the new manager of Tranmere?
What was the result of the Women’s Continental Cup?
Who apologized after saying that some child porn sentences are unfair?
It was reported that the Pope has rented out the Sistine Chapel to whom for a function?
3 cyclists from which team failed drugs tests?
London’s Albemarle Street unveiled a blue plaque to which irish patriot?
Who became the UKs first Comics Laureate?
What is the name of the Hurricane, the remnants of which are due to hit the UK next week?

The West Indies cricket team have called off a visit to which country?

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