Saturday, 4 October 2014

In the News

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

John Manzoni
Newport Road, Cardiff
Chris Cairns
Nathaniel Clyne
Nick Griffin
Anthony Horowitz
Chris Patten
The Historical Enquiries team
Kim Jong Un
Richard Barnes
Neil Fox
Dannie Abse
Mount Ontake
Menachem Vargas
Craig Whyte
Eniola Aluko
Dorothy Tyler
Max Verstappen
Dennis Kimetto
Charlotte Mezvinsky
Hannah Cockroft
Alan Henning

In Other News

The first woman ever to win an Ivor Novello for songwriting passed away last week. Who was she?
How much has Wonga had to write off in losses for loaning money to people who didn’t have the means to pay?
Which collection has been saved for the nation by public donations?
15 priceless paintings were seized from the home of which widow of a former world leader?
Which team did St. Helens defeat in their semi final to reach the RL Grand Final?
What was the Europa League score between Spurs and Besiktas?
Which tournament gave Andy Murray his first title in 14 months?
The first ebola case was reported in which US State?
Which council painted over a Banksy mural?
What has been installed in the Sistine Chapel?
What was the champions league score between Liverpool and Basel?
– and Arsenal and Galatasaray?
 – and Roma and Man. City?
 -  and Chelsea and Sporting Lisbon?
What is the new adult hour minimum wage rate?
Whose win secured the Ryder Cup for Europe?
Which terminally ill actress announced she has chosen to voluntarily end her chemotherapy sessions?
What was the final score in the Ryder Cup?
Which member of the US team blamed captain Tom Watson for the defeat?
Why did the cast and crew of Top Gear have to flee Argentina?
Last week scientists claimed that loss of ice in Antarctica has had what unforeseen result?

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