Saturday, 19 April 2014

In The News

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. David Stone
2. Wilson Kipsang
3. Edna Kiplagat
4. Chimerica
5. ZaZZZ
6. Iain Corby
7. Robert Berry
8. Jan Tipper and Barb Burden
9. Bluefin 21
10. Stefano Domenicali
11. Robert Hannigan
12. Nick Martin
13. M & M Hair Salon, South Ealing
14. MV Sewol
15. Gabriel Garcia Marquez
16. Lee Joon-Seok
17. Kepler 186f
18. Paul Flowers

In Other News

1. Why did sending an email make news among the scout organization?
2. Which city allowed foreign competitors to take place in its marathon for the first time last week?
3. Which position did Mo Farah finish the London Marathon in?
4. Which controversial plan for the opening ceremony of the Glasgow Commonwealth Games has been scrapped due to local opposition?
5. Who won the US Masters?
6. What was the score in the FA Cup semi final between Hull and Sheffield United?
7. What was the score in the match between Liverpool and Man City?
8. Which TV presenter was rapped for adding to a teenage guest’s distress?
9. The author of ‘Uses of Literacy’ passed away last week. Who was he?
10. Who confirmed that he was quitting mainly due to comments about his age?
11. Which very popular website was hacked last week, amid concerns that details of subscribers may have been stolen?
12. What punishment has Silvio Berlusconi received?
13. Who was charged last week with a further count of sexual assault?
14. Who was accused of, and denied, misuse of expenses last week?
15. Which 88 year old received her Damehood last week?
16. Which F1 team lost their appeal over a disqualification at the Australian GP?
17. Which infamous prison was temporarily closed last week?
18. Inhabitants of which UK city have the lowest average life expectancy?
19. Who apologized for driving off after hitting another motorist’s car and not stopping?
20. Who is selling off his rarest red wines?
21. Which musician received $10,000 privacy damages?
22. Former Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg has pledged to spend up to $50 million to support which cause?
23. What was the score in the match between Man City and Sunderland
24. Who scored the winning goal in the Copa del Rey?
25. Chelsea Clinton announced what last week?
26. Which news reader and presenter announced that he is suffering from bowel cancer?
27. Which daily newspaper announced to its journalists that it will not be joining the new press regulatory body?
28. In which country was a 7.3 magnitude earthquake recorded?
29. Which company announced that it is to open its first new store in 6 years?
30. Brentford FC have won promotion to which division?
31. Who has been reappointed as England cricket head coach?

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