Saturday, 5 April 2014

In the News

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. Mark Menzies
2. Michael Elinescu and Entscho Wladow
3. Anne Hidalgo
4. Ehud Olmert
5. Xscape
6. Manuel Valls
7. Christine Case
8. Lord Justice Goldring
9. Keane Wallis-Bennett
10. Cramlix Hall
11. Kwasi Enin
12. Lorenzo Semple Jr.
13. Segolene Royal
14. Katherine Rundell
15. Maria Miller
16. Sanpower
17. Margo Macdonald

In Other News

1. What is the new cost of a 1st class stamp?
2. – and a second class stamp?
3. The Ordnance Survey announced what last week?
4. Which famous actress passed away aged 74 last week?
5. What was the score between Liverpool and Spurs?
6. – and Chelsea and Crystal Palace?
7. – and Arsenal and Man. City?
8. Who won the Malaysian GP?
9. Who won the women’s University Boat Race?
10. Which team won the Johnstone’s Paint Final?
11. England fell out of the world T20 after their loss to which country, that went on to the semi finals?
12. Which former world leader went on trial for treason?
13. Where did Heston Blumenthal announce he is to temporarily transfer his Fat Duck restaurant?
14. Which has become the biggest grossing animated film in history?
15. What is the significance of the words ‘ all right, good night’?
16. Why did officials of the San Isidro Basilica in Leon have to deny the faithful the right to enter the Church last week?
17. In the world T20, Netherlands defeated England by how many runs?
18. Name the three African countries in which an outbreak of deadly Ebola virus was reported last week?
19. Which film character is supposedly running for the presidency of the Ukraine?
20. What was the Champions League score between Man Utd and Bayern Munich?
21. – and Chelsea and Paris St. Germain?
22. Why did Tiger Woods announce he is missing the US Open?
23. Who have been banned from accompanying the England team to the FIFA world cup?
24. What did the British Army hand over to American forces last week?
25. Much in the news, air pollution last week was blamed on what?
26. An 8.2 magnitude earthquake took place off the coast of which country?
27. England’s women won their way to a world T20 semi final against which country?
28. Who was the chairman of the Farage – Clegg BBC2 borefest?
29. David Cameron said a) which supermarket is his favourite? – and b) at which supermarket does he shop more often?
30. What is the cost of the new England replica football shirt?
31. Which 75 year old announced he will take part in a solo Transatlantic race?
32. The Queen made her third royal visit to where last week?
33. Which two teams will contest the world T20 final?
34. What remarkable innovation to the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony was announced last week ( not on the 1st April, either)
35. Who said on Michael McIntyre’s chat show that she was refused entry to the USA?
36. Who advocated gassing badgers?
37. Which Coronation Street actress was charged with drunk driving?
38. When Sir Brucie of Forsyth announced he is retiring from Strictly, who did he nominate as his successor?
39. – and which American announced his retirement as talk show host after 30 years?

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