Saturday, 12 April 2014

In the News

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. Chris Hughton
2. Pineau de Re
3. Leighton Aspell
4. Luke Juckett
5. Michael D. Higgins
6. Jack Sexty
7. Andrew Bush
8. Zoe Smith
9. The Kelpies
10. Michael Adebolajo
11. Asseem Allam
12. Winnie
13. Nicky Jacobs
14. Michael Fabricant
15. Sajid Javid
16. Stephen Colbert
17. Seamus Daly
18. Alex Hribal
19. Gerrie Nel
20. Asafa Powell
21. Bill Haas
22. Chloe Campbell
23. James Hellwig

In Other News

1. What was the score between Arsenal and Everton?
2. – and Spurs and Sunderland?
3. Which Hollywood film star passed away aged 93?
4. Which former cabinet minister and conservative peer called for Maria Miller’s resignation?
5. In which city was the half marathon cancelled when water bottle supplies failed to turn up? The runners did it anyway.
6. Who won the University Boat Race – and the reserve crew race – and the Women’s race?
7. In the Heineken Cup what was the score between Toulon and Leinster?
8. – and Saracens and Ulster?
9. And Clermont Auvergne and Leicester?
10. And Munster and Toulouse?
11. Who won the Bahrain GP?
12. Who won the Women’s T20 World Cup?
13. – and the Men’s?
14. What was the result of GB’s Davis Cup tie v. Italy?
15. Which show entered the Guinness Book of Records as the most successful reality TV format of all time?
16. There are no British writers on the shortlist for which literary prize?
17. Who is to present a Radio 2 show about Paris in May?
18. What was the Champions’ League score between Real Madrid and Dortmund
19. And Chelsea and PSG?
20. And Man Utd. And Bayern?
21. And Atletico Madrid and Barcelona?
22. What has Tim Sherwood been offered what at Spurs?
23. Scientific evidence last week suggested that what was considerably older than has been previously supposed?
24. Who will be driving for Nissan in the British GT championship?
25. Kevin Pietersen arrived to play for what team in the IPL?
26. What is the name of the Culture Secretary who quit last week – eventually.
27. Which company recalled 35,000 cars in the UK last week?
28. Who announced she is leaving Eastenders to apparently seek a career in Hollywood?
29. Who became only the second woman to be named among Wisden’s 5 cricketers of the year?
30. Name the other 4 cricketers on the list?
31. The government have been criticized for stockpiling which drug?
32. The UN approved a peacekeeping force for which African country last week?
33. Which politician was cleared of all charges in court last week?
34. Cardiff University delayed the announcement of whose appointment as their Chancellor?
35. Which actress is to receive a BAFTA Fellowship?
36. Sue Townsend passed away last week . Who was her most famous creation?
37. Which singer won a court case to keep documents given to him by Martin Luther King?
38. Who led the US Masters after round two?

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