Saturday, 5 April 2014

Answers to News Questions

In the news

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. Iwao Hakamada
2. Tessa Ross
3. Christina Sciuccia
4. Salford City FC
5. Jude Metcalf
6. Jens Stoltenburg
7. Joanne Milne
8. The Winter Soldier
9. Red Issue
10. Consciously Uncoupling
11. Nick Ferrari
12. Boris Berezhovsky
13. Shigeru Ban
14. Patrice Wymore
15. Peter Oakley
16. Massimo Cellini
17. Shereka Fab-Ann Marsh
18. I’m scared of you sometimes
19. Laura Massaro

In Other News

1. President Obama hosted his first official visit from which Head of State last week?
2. Turkey tried to block both Twitter and which other site last week?
3. The Tate Gallery were advised to hand over a painting by which artist which was revealed to have been looted by Nazis during World War II?
4. Netherlands failed to beat South Africa by how many runs in the world T20?
5. Where did French farmers herd sheep in protest over the EU Common Agricultural Policy last week?
6. Who is to face an additional charge of indecent assault?
7. How long did it take for the tickets for the Kate Bush tour to sell out completely?
8. Which US Actor has signed to play Winston Churchill in a new film?
9. Which of Rupert Murdoch’s children has been appointed co chairman of news International and Fox?
10. Which golf club has agreed to take a vote on allowing women?
11. What was the score in the Manchester derby between City and Utd. ?
12. A coalition of writers protested against which prison rules?
13. Government health advisers promoted which practice last week?
14. The DG of the BBC announced a new era in what last week?
15. Which team won the Bundesliga with 7 games to spare?
16. What was the score between Swansea City and Arsenal?
17. There has been much criticism in Formula One over what feature of the cars this week?
18. The 75th anniversary issue of the Dalesman announced what as the greatest ever icon of Yorkshire?
19. A camera that went to the moon was sold for almost half a million pounds last week. Which make of camera was it?
20. A school in which city will be the first to teach English as a foreign language?
21. What was the score in el Classico?
22. A new set of stamps bearing people who all made their mark in Britain was issued last week. What else links all of the people on the stamps?
23. Whose extradition to South Africa to face trial was set for the 7th April?
24. Which famous boxing manager, promoter and matchmaker passed away last week?
25. Which US state was affected by a devastating mudslide last week?


Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. The world’s longest serving death row inmate, freed after 48 years on new evidence
2. New chief executive of the National Theatre
3. Italian Singing Nun whose appearance on the Italian version of the Voice has been a Youtube sensation
4. Football club which Scholes, Giggs, the Neville Bros and Butt are attempting to buy
5. He avoided a prison sentence because at 7ft 2 he is too big for prison beds
6. New Sec Gen of NATO
7. Profoundly deaf Gateshead woman whose video of hearing again after receiving cochlea implants made several newspapers this week
8. New Captain America film
9. Website paying for the airplane to trail Moyes Out banner over Old Trafford
10. Phrase used by Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow to announce their seperation
11. Host of the LBC show on which the Clegg v. Farage borefest debate took place
12. High Profile inquest this week into his death
13. Japanese architect awarded the Pritzker Prize
14. Actress, 3rd wife of Errol Flynn, passed away
15. Became famous as the Youtube granddad, passed away this week
16. Barred by the Football league from taking over Leeds Utd.
17. Teenager tragically shot dead in London
18. Text sent to Oscar Pistorius by Reeva Steenkamp
19. New World Squash Champion

In Other News

1. Pope Francis
2. Youtube
3. John Constable
4. 6 runs
5. The Louvre
6. Dave Lee Travis
7. 15 minutes
8. Kevin Spacey
9. Lachlan Murdoch
10. The Royal and Ancient Golf Club, St. Andrews
11. 3 – 0 City
12. The rule preventing prisoners getting packages which means they cannot receive books through the post
13. Water fluoridisation
14. Arts Coverage
15. Bayern Munich
16. 2 - 2
17. The much quieter V6 engines
18. Yorkshire Pudding
19. Hasselblad 500
20. City of Leeds Academy
21. 4 – 3 Barcelona
22. All the people depicted were born in 1914
23. Shrien Dewani
24. Mickey Duff
25. Washington state

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