Saturday, 8 February 2014

In The News

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. Dinner
2. Jamie McDonald
3. Yasmin – Femodene - Marvelon
4. Dylan Farrow
5. Salvador Alvarenga
6. Neknomination
7. Janet Yellen
8. Kevin Monk
9. Sean Fitzpatrick
10. Luis Aragones
11. Taranis
12. Perfect Circle
13. Keith Wallis
14. George Bellows
15. Lord Edward Somerset
16. Kelly Brown
17. Jon Eley
18. Al-Medinah Free School
19. Happisburgh
20. Louise Brough

In Other News

1. What does David Beckham do for anxiety?
2. Which actor died aged 46?
3. Which actor died aged 73?
4. With which team did Liverpool draw 1 – 1 last week?
5. Which team did GB defeat in the Davis Cup? 6. Which team will GB play in the Davis Cup quarter final?
7. What the score in the 6 Nations between England and France?
8. – and Wales and Italy?
9. – and Ireland and Scotland?
10. What was the score between Man City and Chelsea?
11. Which Olympian was reported as being treated for depression last week?
12. Tim Yeo was deselected as candidate for which seat at the next General election?
13. Who said he will let his fans decide his next opponent via Twitter?
14. Who was apparently sacked by Leeds United – then apparently reinstated?
15. Who will be the first father and son to compete together in the US Masters?
16. Which cricketer was controversially ‘sacked’ by England?
17. Michael Laudrup was sacked as manager of which club?
18. Which is supposedly the ‘fattest’ English county?
19. Which sport was stripped of its British Olympic funding?
20. Who won the title Oldie of the Year?
21. Which team knocked Fulham out of the FA Cup?
22. Which british actor appeared on Sesame Street last week?
23. Who apologized to Andrew Mitchell over Plebgate?
24. David Beckham is seeking a Major League Soccer franchise in which US city?
25. Matt Prior reacted angrily to comments from whom that he had stabbed Kevin Pietersen in the back?
26. William Roache was cleared last week of all charges. How many charges was he cleared of last week?
27. West Ham threatened legal action over which player’s very harsh looking red card last week?
28. Name the Syrian city which civilians were finally able to evacuate last week?
29. Which of the Teaching Unions has voted to strike on 26th March?
30. Who lit the Olympic Cauldron in Sochi?
31. What explanation has been used for Ken Barlow’s absence from Coronation Street?

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