Friday, 28 February 2014

Answers to News Questions

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. Felix Magath
2. Bode Miller
3. Renaud Lavillenie
4. Vype e
5. Jamie Coots
6. Hailemedehin Abera Tagegn
7. Philip Fenton
8. 2000 EM 26
9. Brendan McCullum
10. Rowen Cheshire
11. Pat Hughes
12. Certify
13. Matteo Renzi
14. ATOS

In Other News

1. What is the given name of Simon Cowell’s new son?
2. Which film won the BAfta for best film?
3. – and the Bafta for Best Actress – for which film?
4. – and the Bafta for best actor?
5. Which all time England International footballing great passed away aged 91?
6. FA Cup – what was the score between Everton and Swansea?
7. – and Arsenal and Liverpool?
8. – and Sheffield United and Nottingham Forest?
9. Which prop was injured and forced out of England’s 6 Nations team?
10. Who was announced as the lead pacemaker for this year’s London Marathon?
11. Which British football ground has been announced as the venue for the UEFA Super Cup?
12. In which position did the Jamaican 2 man bobsleigh team finish at the Winter Olympics?
13. Champions League – what was the score between Barcelona and Man City?
14. – and Bayern Munich and Arsenal?
15. New Zealand’s Prime Minister officially denied that he is what last week?
16. What was it announced will now be included in the information used to determine the UK’s weekly number 1 single?
17. Who finished 67th in the women’s Giant Slalom in Sochi?
18. Who was elected Rector of Glasgow University?
19. Against which nation’s mens curlers did team GB win a play off to get into the medal matches?
20. Who won Best Male Artist at the Brit Awards?
21. – and best group?
22. – and best female artist?
23. – and best album?
24. What did Time Magazine name as the most influential chocolate bar of all time?
25. Who was it revealed had offered to help Rebekah Brooks over phone hacking?
26. Which actor – probably best known for playing Ives in Porridge – passed away aged 83?
27. Which British Lion was dropped ot the bench for Wales’ 6 Nations match v. France?
28. Which team did GB’s men’s curlers defeat in their semi final to guarantee a silver medal?
29. Which team defeated team GB’s women curlers in their semi final?
30. – and which team did they defeat in the bronze medal match?
31. The Russian favourites were beaten by which team in the ice hockey tournament at Sochi?
32. Which two countries will host the 2017 Rugby League world cup?
33. What was the Europa League score between Spurs and Dnipro?
34. – and Swansea and Napoli?
35. A so called ‘toilet tax’ has been introduced where in the UK?
36. It was announced that who will front the BBC’s election coverage in 2015?
37. Who was called ‘not reliable or truthful’ by the judge when he won his court case last week?
38. A 4.1 earthquake struck where last week?
39. What was the score in the 6 Nations between France and Wales?
40. According to a study, which computer game can prevent cravings for food, cigarettes and alcohol?
41. Chris Moyles was alleged to have claimed to be what in order to save tax?
42. Wayne Rooney signed a new deal for a reported salary of how much per week?


Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. Former German international, new manager of Fulham FC
2. Oldest skier to ever win an alpine skiing medal at the winter Olympics, with medal in Super Giant Slalom
3. French athlete broke Sergei Bubka’s pole vault world record
4. First e-cigarette to be advertised on a UK satellite channel ( Comedy Central)
5. US evangelist preacher, known for handling snakes, killed when one of them bit him
6. Ethiopian Airlines co-pilot who hijacked his own plane to Geneva to seek political asylum
7. Irish trainer charged with alleged possession of banned substances
8. Asteroid which missed Earth b a mere 2.1 million miles
9. First New Zealand batsman to ever score 300 in a test match, v. India
10. British skier ruled out of Olympics after a fall and concussion in training
11. Second Irish trainer in whose yard banned substances were allegedly found
12. Super horse that lost its unbeaten record last week
13. New Italian Prime Minister
14. French benefit testing firm confirmed it is seeking an early end to its contract with the government following death threats to staff

In Other News

1. Eric
2. Twelve Years A Slave
3. Cate Blanchett – Blue Jasmine
4. Chiwetel Ejiofar – Twelve Years A Slave
5. Sir Tom Finney
6. 3 -1 Everton
7. 2 – 1 Arsenal
8. 3 – 1 Sheffield United
9. Dan Cole
10. Haile Gebreselassie
11. Cardiff City Stadium
12. 29th
13. 2 – 0 Barcelona
14. 2 – 0 Bayern Munich
15. A shape shifting alien
16. Streaming data
17. Vanessa Mae
18. Edward Snowden
19. Norway
20. David Bowie
21. Arctic Monkeys
22. Ellie Goulding
23. Am – Arctic Monkeys
24. Kit Kat
25. Tony Blair
26. Ken Jones
27. Mike Phillips
28. Sweden
29. Canada
30. Switzerland
31. Finland
32. Australia and New Zealand
33. 1 – 0 Dnipro
34. 0 - 0
35. Isle of Man
36. David Dimbleby – previously it had been thought that Huw Edwards would have the job this time round.
37. Bernie Ecclestone
38. Bristol Channel
39. 27 - 6
40. Tetris
41. Car Dealer
42. 300,000 pounds a week.

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