Saturday, 1 February 2014

In The News

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. Mohammad Ashgar
2. June Spencer
3. Eric Lawson
4. Fred Talbot
5. Jade Rabbit
6. Missy
7. Nathan Filer
8. The Shock of the Fall
9. Henning Mankel
10. The Beach of Falesa
11. Ambridge Extra
12. Marland Yarde
13. Baroness Morgan of Huyton

In Other News

1. Last week a discussion took place over whether the Union flag on the flag of New Zealand should be replaced by what?
2. What was unusual about the choir that performed evensong at Canterbury Cathedral last weekend?
3. Which banking group saw its customers unable to use their cards on the 25th?
4. Which announcement did Valerie Trierweiler make last week?
5. Which team were drawn to play Man City in round 5 of the FA Cup?
6. What was the result of the men’s singles in the Australian Open?
7. – and the women’s singles?
8. Which position did GB achieve in the European Bobsleigh championships?
9. It was revealed that the Royal Household overspent by how much last year?
10. Who is to be awarded a BAFTA Fellowship?
11. Who will play a British Prime Minister in the next series of 24?
12. Who was cleared of one of seven sex allegations against him in court?
13. Which French duo won 5 Grammys?
14. A new constitution was signed in which country last week?
15. Who was it revealed was actually ‘betrayed’ to the News of the World by a close family member?
16. Which disease was linked to high levels of DDT last week?
17. Who was told she will not be charged following revelations about drug use?
18. Who was singing while 33 weddings were carried out at the Gramm Awards?
19. What caused 13 workers in the Channel Tunnel to fall ill last week?
20. Which song is back in the charts as a protest against the extremely silly and offensive comments of UKIP councilor David Silvester that the current floods are a result of God’s anger about the Government legalizing same sex marriages?
21. Which legendary folk singer died aged 94?
22. What was the score in the Merseyside derby?
23. Who was selected to captain Wales in the 6 Nations against Italy?
24. Who is England’s T20 captain?
25. Who won the Critics Circle best actor award?
26. The Lords voted to ban smoking where last week?
27. 11,000 people have signed an online petition to deport whom from the USA?
28. What was the score midweek between Man City and Spurs?
29. And West Ham and Chelsea?
30. Who told Scotland that even if they were independent they would have to give up some financial independence to keep the pound?
31. What was the most watched show on the iplayer in 2013?
32. Who was on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine last week?
33. Who became the first global ambassador for Soda Stream?
34. Who refused to go back to Italy to be found guilty in a retrial?
35. Which London based radio station is going national?
36. The Archbishop of Canterbury visited which troubled African country last week?
37. Which footballer was banned last week from driving for 6 months?
38. Which one off Christmas special has now been commissioned for a whole series by the BBC?
39. Who or what did Prince Charles call ‘headless chickens’?
40. What was the outcome of the trial of Judge Constance Briscoe?
41. The maximum age for jurors in England and Wales is to be raised to what ?
42. Name the England cricket coach who resigned

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