Friday, 21 February 2014

Answers to News Questions

In The News

Who Or What Are The Following and why have they been in the news?

1. Bernard Hedges
2. Mark Harper
3. Jenny Jones
4. Cheyenne Woods
5. Matthias Mayer
6. Rosa Khutor
7. Carina Vogt
8. Natalie Hynde
9. Tidal Bay
10. Gary Stretch and Leslie Layton
11. Tina Maze and Dominique Gisin
12. Enrico Letta
13. Colin Cunningham
14. Bill Spence
15. Elise Christie
16. Mervyn
17. Ralph Waite
18. Simona de Silvestro

In Other News

1. Which actor last week saved the life of a man choking on a piece of cheese.
2. What was the score between Spurs and Everton?
3. – and Fulham and Man Utd.?
4. – and France and Italy in the 6 Nations?
5. – and England and Scotland?
6. – and Ireland and Wales
7. – and Liverpool and Arsenal?
8. Who was revealed as the biggest philanphropist in the USA?
9. Last week MPs voted to support which ban?
10. Who got into difficulties while swimming Lake Windermere for Sport Relief?
11. Which England cricketer quit the Indian Premier League last week?
12. Which has become the first album to sell 6 million copies in the UK?
13. The first high level talks between which two countries since 1949 were announced?
14. A huge sinkhole appeared very close to which motorway last week?
15. What became the UK’s first online pound shop?
16. Which film star died aged 85?
17. The Berlusconi corruption trial commenced in which city?
18. What was the score between W.Ham and Norwich?
19. – and W. Ham and Chelsea
20. Who is the new head coach of the Pakistan cricket team?
21. What was the score between Arsenal and Man Utd?
22. – and Spurs and Newcastle?
23. What was named the UK’s most elusive species of wildlife?
24. Which drug was upgraded to class B?
25. Which IPL team bought Kevin Pietersen for £880,000?
26. What was the score between Liverpool and Fulham?
27. Which actor did Boris Johnson say had lost his marbles?
28. What drastic action has been taken with the horses in the Spanish Riding School?
29. How many of the charges against Dave Lee Travis could the jury not reach a verdict over?
30. Which veteran US comedian passed away aged 91?
31. Which union announced their support for changes to their links with the Labour Party
32. Which two British boxers agreed a world championship rematch ?
33. Which record was held in 2013 by Lee Child’s The Affair?
34. Who won the women’s skeleton bob gold medal?
35. Which British actor was announced as joining the cast of Downton Abbey?
36. Who is losing her position as the Government’s ‘queen of the High Street’?


Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. Former Glamorgan cricketer – passed away 86
2. Immigration Minister who quit when he found his cleaner was illegally in the UK
3. Own Olympic slopestyle bronze medal
4. Niece of Tiger Woods who won her first golf title
5. Winner of Sochi 2014 men’s downhill gold
6. Venue for snow slope sports at Sochi
7. Winner of women’s ski jump gold – first ever
8. Daughter of Chrissy Hynde and Ray Davies – superglued herself to protestor and railings at fracking protests
9. Top weight for the Grand National
10. Convicted and sentenced for aiding serial killer Joanna Dennehy
11. Shared the Sochi women’s downhill gold
12. Italian PN on the brink of resigning all week
13. Autistic boy in Michigan. Mother posted online that he didn’t have any friends to come to his birthday party. Over 1.7 million people sent him birthday wishes online.
14. First ever male nominee for Romantic Novelist of the Year, under pen name Jessica Blair
15. Disqualified from silver medal in 500m short track speedskating, and then unfairly disqualified in 1500m
16. The name of Lizzie Yarnold’s gold medal winning skeleton bobsleigh
17. John Walton (the dad) in The Waltons. Passed away
18. Woman driver signed by the Sauber Formula One team

In Other News

1. Clint Eastwood
2. 1 – 0 Spurs
3. 2 - 2
4. 30 - 10
5. 20 - 0
6. 26 – 3 Ireland
7. 5 – 1 Liverpool
8. Mark Zuckerberg
9. Smoking in a car with children
10. Davina McCall
11. Eoin Morgan
12. Queen Greatest Hits
13. China and Taiwan
14. M2 – near Sittingbourne
16. Shirley Temple
17. Naples
18. 2 – 0 W. Ham
19. 1 - 1
20. Moin Khan
21. 0 – 0
22. 4 – 0 Spurs
23. Nightjar
24. Ketamine
25. Delhi Daredevils
26. 3 – 2 Liverpool
27. George Clooney – Clooney has called for the return of the Elgin Marbles to Greece
28. The horse have been fed too many snacks over the winter, and have therefore been put on a diet.
29. 2
30. Sid Caesar
31. Unite
32. Carl Froch and George Groves
33. Most Borrowed book in British libraries 2013
34. Lizzie Yarnold
35. Richard E. Grant
36. Mary Portas

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