Saturday, 18 January 2014

Sleb Mastermind Show 9

We’re winding towards the end of this series of sleb shows, and it’s probably no bad thing. I like the sleb shows, but I prefer the real thing, and I don’t think the two should overlap. That’s just my opinion, and as always, feel free to disagree.

Tony Livesey, from the One Show, so I’m told was first up. He was answering on The Jam. We’ve been this way before, you and I , since the Jame has been a specialist subject on more than one occasion, and so you’ll maybe remember that I preferred the Style Council to the Jam at the time. Well, I was young, and I’ve gained a lot more appreciation of the Jam since. They were brilliant. I’m sure Tony Livesey thought so as well, but his round was more Beat Surrender than That’s Entertainment. He finished with 5, which effectively ruled him out of competition for the trophy. Next up was comedienne Ava Vidal. Now, you know what a good record comedians have in Sleb Mastermind, so she looked like a contender. I have never been a devotee of Buffy the Vampire Slayer . . . but one of my daughters was. Which was enough to bring me a couple of points. Ava knew her stuff on this subject, and her 8 was a respectable total in the context of this series.

Third was Monty Halls- apparently he’s a TV presenter/explorer/marine biologist. Well done! That would at least explain his specialist subject of Jacques Cousteau. I did used to watch “The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau” – or as my grandmother once memorably called it “ that Undersea world of Hattie Jacques thing”, but it didn’t help ,and other than aqualung that was about it for me for this round. Monty too levelled out at 8. This left radio presenter, Church of England clergyman and Communard Richard Coles. Now, he has been on Only Connect, I’m sure, which made him instant favourite for this show. You don’t get mugs on OC – even in the sleb versions. Richard was answering on the Mapp and Lucia novels of EF Benson. They’ve been round the block a few times on Mastermind, but I’ve still never read any, and so I didn’t trouble the scorer. Richard performed up to expectations, and scored 10.

Tony Livesey managed a decent 11 in his GK round, and 16 represents a respectable score in the context of this series of sleb shows. Incidentally the show gave us the relative rarity of all contenders returning for GK in exactly the same order as their specialist rounds. Which meant that Ava was next into the chair. She gave it a lash too, but this wasn’t going to be enough to quite give her the lead, and she finished with 15. Monty , who had been filmed at the top of the show saying that it’s everyone’s ambition to go on Mastermind – lovely sentiments – looked as if he was taking it seriously, and he whacked in a round of 11. This didn’t quite take him to 20, but at least guaranteed second place. I say it guaranteed second place, since I was fairly certain that Richard would reach the target with a little bit left in the tank. I was right too. It wasn’t one of the very best rounds we’ve seen this series, but it wasn’t bad, and it took him to 24. Well played.

The Details

Tony Livesey CLIC SargentThe Jam5 - 211 - 216 - 4
Ava Vidal100 Black Men of LondonBuffy the Vampire Slayer Seasons 1 and 28 - 27 - 415 - 6
Monty HallsRoyal Marines Charitable Trust FundLife and Times of Jacques Cousteau8 - 111 - 119 - 2
Richard ColesBeat BullyingThe Mapp and Lucia Novels of E.F.Benson10 - 014 - 024 - 0

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