Saturday, 18 January 2014

Sleb Mastermind Show 10

I won’t be saying much about this show. This is the reason. These celebrity contenders are not quizzers, and are giving up their time and effort for no more than a bit of a laugh, and for the good of their chosen charity. If I go into detail about their rounds, then I may inadvertently say something which comes across as sniffy, or snide, or critical, and I really wouldn’t mean to. When a sleb takes to the black chair, then they run the risk that it will all go pear shaped – which we should all know can happen in the black chair. It didn’t really work out for any of the contenders in this show – but guys – thanks for giving it a lash anyway. For the record, Quentin Letts won with 14, which is the lowest winning score ever in Sleb Mastermind – but then slebs now only get 3 and a half minutes of questions as opposed to the 4 minutes of years gone by. Don’t let it get you down guys. The contenders were: -
actress and singer Clare Grogan – ex of Altered Images, Gregory’s Girl and the original Kochanski in Red Dwarf
Singer Newton Faulkner
Paralympic Champion Richard Whitehead MBE
Parliamentary sketch writer Quentin Letts.

The Details

Clare Grogan British Association for Adopting and FosteringDoris Day9 – 0 4 - 113 - 1
Newton FaulknerTeenage Cancer TrustLife and Works of Harry Nilsson8 - 34 - 412 - 7
Richard Whitehead MBESarcoma UKTottenham Hotspur FC 2000 - 20135 - 13 - 98 - 10
Quentin LettsHereford Cathedral Perpetual TrustHereford Cathedral8 - 16 - 214 - 3

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