Saturday, 25 January 2014

News Questions

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. Roger Pratt
2. David Silvester
3. Nathusius Pipistrelle
4. Bert Williams
5. Sister Roxana Rodrigues
6. Quenelle
7. Twiggy Garcia
8. Vanessa Vanakorn
9. Rosdeep Kular
10. James Turner Street
11. Dominika Cibulkova
12. Bindon Bottom, West Lulworth
13. Andrew Scott
14. Tryfan
15. The Hateful Eight
16. Quayside in Whitby
17. John Horsley
18. Leah Totton
19. Sandro Rosell
20. Mia Grace
21. Katherine Rednall

In Other News

1. Which former athlete and broadcaster passed away aged 82?
2. Who said last week that everyone in the BBC knew that Jimmy Savile was a sleazebag?
3. Which former Conservative Party treasurer passed away?
4. Who said last week that his successor, Peter Robinson, had actually plotted to depose him?
5. Who knocked Serena out of the Australian Open?
6. What was the score between Chelsea and Man Utd.?
7. Who won the Masters Snooker?
8. Who were found in the Dominican Republic?
9. Which two teams reached the Superbowl final?
10. Who knocked Andy Murray out of the Aus Open?
11. Which sponsors dropped West Brom over the Anelka affair?
12. Where is the conference on the future of Syria being held?
13. What was named the world’s worst password last week?
14. It transpires that the smog in Los Angeles originates where?
15. What was the score in the Man City West Ham capital one cup semi ?
16. Who knocked Djokovic out of the Aus Open?
17. Who was sacked as manager of Blackpool?
18. There was a riot in which town after a half price sale in the 99p store was cancelled?
19. What was the top selling toy of 2013?
20. Which world landmark was struck by lightning?
21. Which two former world cup and English league footballers were involved in a car crash in the Falklands?
22. What was the score between Sunderland and Man Utd in the Capital One Cup semi?
23. How much did Man Utd pay to buy Juan Mata from Chelsea?
24. Who was arrested for driving offences in Miami?
25. Bavaria repealed a ban on what last week?
26. Who will play the half time show at the Super Bowl?
27. 2014 will be the Chinese Year of what?
28. Who reached the final of the Women’s singles at the Aus Open?
29. Leigh Halfpenny left Cardiff for which club?
30. Who was defeated by Wawrinka in the Aus Open semi?

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