Saturday, 11 January 2014

In the News

In the News

Who or what are the following, and why have they been in the news?

1. Steven Seagal
2. Terry Biddlecombe
3. Colleen La Rose
4. Richard Newton
5. Emily Johnson Dickerson
6. Hercules
7. Princess Cristina
8. Lyndsey Vonn
9. Penny Mordaunt
10. Paul Goggins MP
11. Thomas Hitzlsperger
12. Benefits Street
13. Roger Phillips
14. Victor Spirescu
15. Pepe Mel
16. Chris Smalling
17. Chris Christie
18. Steve McQueen
19. Theodor Heuss Platz
20. PC Keith Wallis
21. Julie Gayet

In Other News

1. What was the score between Man Utd and Swansea in the FA Cup?
2. Which were the first energy company to cut prices last week?
3. Which all time great footballer passed away aged 71?
4. Nigel Farage said which controversial MP of days gone by was right?
5. Which singer passed away aged 74?
6. What was the score between West Ham and Nottingham Forest?
7. Which Premier League manager received the dreaded Vote of Confidence last week?
8. An inquest into the death of which victim of Raoul Moat took place last week?
9. How did Angela Merkel hurt herself last week?
10. Lawyers carried out a strike over what last week?
11. Which broadcaster and journalist passed away aged 67 last week?
12. Which England player was ruled out of the World Cup last week?
13. Who is the new manager of Cardiff City?
14. What was the score in the first leg of the Capital One Cup semi between Man Utd and Sunderland?
15. Which director was appointed head of the Cannes Film Festival Jury?
16. Which British Olympian came out of retirement last week?
17. Who was fined for his online attack on Blackpool’s training regime and schedule?
18. Who denied that he had delivered an ultimatum – Pietersen goes or I do – to the ECB?
19. Whose killing was ruled lawful
20. To whom did Dennis Rodman sing Happy Birthday?
21. Who0 became the most nominated BAFTA actress of all time?
22. What was the Capital One Cup score between Man City and W. Ham?
23. Which pair of England cricketers reportedly talked a man out of throwing himself off a bridge?
24. Which car won the What Car? Car of the Year award?
25. Who said that he will willingly testify to a commission on doping?
26. What is Andy Murray’s seeding for the Australian Open?
27. Who is to stand trial for allegedly selling drugs?
28. Who refused to return to Italy for a re-trial?
29. Which former formula One driver received a 6 month sentence for a brawl in Italy?
30. Which premier League manager was fined for criticizing the referee?
31. Who is Roger Federer’s new coach?
32. It was announced that tenders are being sought to break which ship?
33. Why did Jessica Ennis-Hill announce that she will miss the Glasgow Commonwealth Games?

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