Saturday, 28 September 2013

In The News

In The News

Who Or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. Usagi
2. Tamiko Bolton
3. Oisin Murphy
4. Richard Whitehead
5. The Elms, Rottingdean
6. Sarah Outen
7. Michael Downey
8. Melissa Reid and Michaella McCollum
9. Alice Oswald
10. Tony Martin
11. Emanuele Leo
12. Jake White
13. Charles Taylor
14. Lariam
15. Iain Dale
16. Samantha Lewthwaite
17. Robin Van Helsum
18. Arctic Sunrise
19. Thibault Hutin
20. Richie Humphreys
21. Dominic Sibley
22. Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale

In Other News

1. Name the mall , the scene of the massacre by terrorists in Nairobi?
2. Who won the Tour of Britain?
3. Who won the German Election
4. Which became the first premier league football club to sponsor a university technical college?
5. Which city was the venue for the Labour Party Conference?
6. Which band were criticized for their tax arrangements?
7. What was the score between Man City and Man Utd?
8. –and Spurs and Cardiff?
9. Who was the first manager to be sacked in the Premier League this season?
10. Who won the Singapore GP?
11. Who became European Heavyweight Boxing Champion?
12. NHS regulators dropped cases into the conduct of senior medical staff where?
13. Which was the only British show to win an Emmy last week?
14. Which broadcaster admitted last week he has been lying about his age, and he is in fact almost 90?
15. Which entertainer faced charges in Westminster Magistrates Court last week?
16. Which team had the last 100% record in the English leagues?
17. Who is exhibiting at the Halcyon Gallery in November?
18. Who finally officially quit UKIP?
19. What government policy was branded Neo Victorian?
20. Which rugby player, having apologized to the Prime Minister last week was ruled out of the Autumn Tests by injury?
21. Which ‘Strictly’ judge revealed that he is due to have hip operations, and is looking forward to them?
22. Who resigned from the Booker Prize advisory committee over the changes announced in the last few weeks?
23. Which team won the American’s Cup, by which score?
24. The siege of Homs reached which unenviable milestone last week?
25. The so-called World’s Oldest Newspaper announced it is going digital only. what is it?
26. In the capital one cup, what was the score between Man Utd. and Liverpool?
27. – and Swansea and Birmingham City?
28. What sentence did Stephen Lee receive for match fixing snooker?
29. Who lost his attempt to recoup his costs from former employee Stella English?
30. What is The Rugby Champions Cup?
31. GB and Ireland’s top golfers have been accused of shunning which competition?
32. Which murder victim’s funeral took place last week?
33. Who left Blue Peter for BT Sport?
34. Why is Harvard University suing Havard School in Milton Keynes?
35. Warrington beat whom to reach the Super League Grand Final?
36. What was the score in the football match between England Women and Turkey?
37. Which former England cricketer has been appointed High Performance Coach in the Australian Centre of Excellence?
38. Which teams won and came second in the County championship?
39. Which teams are relegated from the County Championship?
40. Which teams are promoted from the second division of the county championship?
41. What topped a BBC poll to find the most popular film score of all time?
42. Which 50s rock and roller passed away this week?
43. Who faced a court case for tax evasion in the small Spanish town of Gava this week?
44. Which two teams are playing each other this weekend in the annual Wembley gridiron game?

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