Saturday, 21 September 2013

In the News

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. Jonny Mitchell
2. Salustiano Sanchez
3. Javier Gomez
4. Chris Horner
5. Aaron Alexis
6. Christopher Jeffries
7. Nina Davulrui
8. Stephen Lee
9. Yohan Cabaye
10. Jackie Lomax
11. Adrian Lee
12. Alison Balsom
13. Simon McCoy
14. Sunny Ozell
15. Hiroshi Yamauchi
16. Doctor Sleep
17. Tamarillo
18. Glen James
19. Anna Wardley
20. Godfrey Bloom

In Other News

1. Which customer helpline was voted the worst in the UK?
2. American writers will be eligible for what from next year?
3. Which video game was released on Tuesday 18th ?
4. Who defeated Mo Farah in the Great North Run?
5. Who signed a new 5 year deal for Real Madrid?
6. What was the score in the GB v. Croatia Davis Cup tie?
7. A record number of kitesurfers took part in an event off Hayling Island. How many altogether?
8. Which two countries will contest the Davis Cup final?
9. Billy Connolly announced that he is suffering from what?
10. Why was rugby player Manu Tuilagi in the news last week?
11. Which country temporarily closed its last nuclear power plant last week?
12. What was the score in the Swansea v, Liverpool match?
13. Where was the Lib Dem Conference held?
14. What was the final score in the ODI series between England and Australia?
15. Who appealed against his 9 month ban from tennis for failing a drug test?
16. Iran announced plans to send what into space?
17. What was successfully floated last week?
18. What was the Champions League score between Man City and Viktoria Plsen?
19. – and Man Utd. and Bayer Leverkeusen?
20. Which ex – referee hit out against accusations of favouritism?
21. Who alleged in a tweet that other snooker players are guilty of match fixing, and then said he was referring to the past?
22. Which place in the UK has applied to the EU for permission to make Stilton cheese?
23. The ASA upheld claims that which washing up liquid lasts twice as long as competitors?
24. Who won the first time trial in the Tour of Britain?
25. Whose childhood home was put on eBay last week?
26. Child Beauty Pageants have been banned where?
27. GB have been drawn away to whom for their next Davis Cup match?
28. Last week saw a row over Spurs fans’ use of which three letter word?
29. In Europe, what was the score between Chelsea and Basel?
30. – and Arsenal and Marseilles?
31. – and AC Milan and Celtic?
32. Which Scottish town is upset over the use of its name in that new video game released last week?
33. Who is stepping down from presenting Sports Personality of the Year?
34. Which former world heavyweight boxing champion, who once beat Muhammad Ali, passed away last week?
35. What was the score between Swansea and Valencia?
36. – and Spurs and Tromso?
37. Which team clinched the cricket county championship?
38. – and who was their head coach, who suffered a heart attack earlier in the year?
39. To whom is the statue of Michael Jackson outside Craven Cottage being returned?
40. Which BBC sitcom is being revived by ITV?
41. What was the score between Wigan and Zulte Waregem?

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