Saturday, 7 September 2013

In the News

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. Malala Yousufzai
2. Rochus Misch
3. Diana Nyad
4. David Warner
5. Man on the Run
6. The Walkie Talkie
7. Verizon
8. Rush
9. Civil Service FC v. Polytechnic FC
10. Daniel Ricciardo
11. Anna Soubrey
12. Sophie Hannah
13. The Last and Best of Peter Pans
14. Marouanne Fellaini
15. Richard Whitehead
16. KitKat
17. L’Enclame
18. Rafael Vinoly
19. Sir Frank Chapman
20. Ariel Castro
21. Shahidul Ahmed
22. Menen
23. Mark Carne
24. Ken Wallis
25. Lingholm
26. Roman Dauriac
27. Kirobo

In Other News

1. The writers of DC Comics Batwoman have quit. Why?
2. The Serbian village of Lunjevica is hosting which cookery world championships? 3. Who scored two goals, and was booked in England’s 4 – 0 win over Moldova in world cup Qualifying?
4. What was the score between Republic of Ireland and Sweden ?
5. – and between Northern Ireland and Portugal?
6. – and between Wales and FYR Macedonia?
7. Michael Gove has announced that all pupils who fail to gain a GCSE in which subjects will be made to resit them in college?
8. Which former world leader was released from hospital last week?
9. Which infamous European location is to be restored?
10. A 50p coin is being struck to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of whom?
11. Who returned to the small screen full time following recovery from a stroke?
12. Which 74 year old broadcaster passed away?
13. What was the score between Man Utd. and Liverpool
14. – and Spurs and Arsenal?
15. Which car was voted British motorists’ favourite vehicle of the last 25 years?
16. To the nearest £million , what was Gareth Bale’s transfer fee to Real Madrid?
17. Which team won Rugby League’s Super League?
18. Swansea City achieved their first league win of the season against which team?
19. Which 87 year old broadcaster passed away?
20. Who joined Arsenal for £42.5m ?
21. How many US men reached the last 16 of the US Open?
22. Who bought the Euskatel Euskadi cycle team?
23. Which Cambridge College has decided to charge townspeople a pound for access to its grounds – previously it had always been free?
24. Who are undergoing ‘not a crisis, just a temporary separation’?
25. Who last week said that he had helped in the hunt for Raoul Moat?
26. With whom have UK Athletics signed a new sponsorship deal?
27. Which company is buying Nokia’s handset division?
28. Who defeated Roger Federer in the 4th round of the US Open?
29. Who announced that this season will be his last in first class rugby?
30. Which union announced a cut of 90% in their contributions to the Labour Party?
31. Which chain of stores announced plans to end gender references on store signs?
32. Which 94 year old US sci fi writer passed away?
33. Who announced he will retire after the Rio 2016 Olympics?
34. Who announced he is quitting Match of the Day?
35. – and it was reported that who is quitting movies?
36. Who announced his 100th album?
37. Which Premier League manager has received a two match touchline ban
38. Who is to play Sherlock Holmes in a new film “A Slight Trick of the Mind”?
39. What city was the location of the G20 Summit
40. Where was there a 130 car pile-up last week?
41. How many races have been suggested for the 2014 formula 1 season?
42. Who knocked Andy Murray out of the US Open?

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