Saturday, 14 September 2013

In The News

In The News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. Howard Jacobson
2. Sarah Teather
3. Tony Abbott
4. Gordon Cutting
5. Victor Miller
6. Louis Tomlinson
7. Sunset at Montmajour
8. Raul Gomez Cincunegui
9. Thomas Bach
10. Ian Katz
11. Nigel Evans MP
12. Crackanory
13. Mark Sutton
14. Maria Miller
15. Jonathan Trappe
16. Goncalo Amaral
17. The Four Streets
18. Victoria Newton

In Other News

1. Which competition’s final round has caused protests in Bali?
2. Who admitted having had a secret crush on Cherie Blair
3. Which supermarket chain last week banned the sale of Lads Mags
4. Who appealed to the European Court of human Rights over his tax fraud conviction?
5. Which city will host the 2020 Summer Olympics?
6. Who contested the Men’s US Open final?
7. Who won the Italian GP?
8. Which became the second union to cut funding to the Labour Party?
9. Which golf competition was won lst week by the USA?
10. Which sport has been reinstated to the Olympic programme?
11. Which unusual property will the National Trust be opening to the public?
12. The return of which musical to the West end saw the biggest single day’s ticket sales ever?
13. Ricky Burns fought the last three rounds of his world title fight with which handicap?
14. Who beat whom in the US Open women’s singles final?
15. Who is to make an attempt on the bicycle land speed record?
16. Bulgaria announced that it has closed its investigation into what?
17. Who played his first competitive match for England v. Ukraine?
18. The Yorkshire Bank 40 final will contested by which two teams?
19. What was the score in a rugby match between Llanidloes and Holyhead last week?
20. – and England v. Ukraine?
21. – and Scotland v. Macedonia?
22. – and Wales v. Serbia?
23. Who many singles grand slam titles has Rafael Nadal won?
24. English and French rugby clubs announced their intention to do what next season?
25. Who confirmed that he will be leaving Ferrari, and who will be taking his place?
26. Who was acquitted of all sex charges in court?
27. Why was Brian May criticized by jewish leaders last week?
28. Who is to host a new blues show on Radio 2?
29. What was the score in Northern Ireland v. Luxembourg?
30. – and the Rep. of Ireland v. Austria?
31. Frank Lampard became the latest player to reach 100 caps for England. How many players had previously reached this milestone?
32. Which 70s classic? had its 50th birthday last week?
33. Who is the newest judge on BBC’s The Voice?
34. Which 36 year old former England Ashes hero is retiring from cricket?
35. Who was sacked as Ireland manager last week?
36. Which project was turned down by the Heritage Lottery fund last week, but rescued by B and Q?
37. Who claimed she was frozen out of an interview she had arranged with The Duke of Edinburgh by the BBC?
38. A public enquiry into what was rejected last week?
39. Which food outlet are opening up to 150 UK stores?
40. Name the two teams contesting the America’s Cup?
41. Who said that he had returned his 2000 Sydney Olympics bronze medal?
42. NASA confirmed that what has left the solar system?
43. Brian Sollitt passed away last week. He was the inventor of which food stuff?
44. GB have been playing against which country in their Davis Cup play off?
45. Who is to voice Paddington Bear in a new film?
46. Which audio pioneer passed away aged 80?

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