Thursday, 8 August 2013

What do Teachers Do During the Holidays?

Just in case you've ever wondered what on Earth teachers manage to find to do with the time on their hands during the summer holidays, I thought I'd share with you what I've been up to today.

I began the day by looking after my grandson Ollie for a little while to allow my daughter to get on with a few things. No complaints from me there - like all grandchildren, he's just perfect. Then I wrote up my review of Monday's UC and posted it. I'll be honest, I was feeling sluggish, not with it, and generally lazy today, so I decided to get out for some fresh air by taking my first butterfly walk of the holiday. In case I've never mentioned it before, the only difference between a butterfly walk and a normal walk is that on a butterfly walk you just hope to see some butterflies. We have a fairly nearby Nature Reserve, called Kenfig Pool, and it has some great walks. In the course of an hour I saw a dozen different species - namely large skipper - common blue - small white - small heath - meadow brown - gatekeeper - grayling - wall brown - speckled wood - and three of our most beautiful butterflies, red admiral - small tortoiseshell and my personal favourite, the peacock. Unfortunately I only saw one each of these last three, and none of them stuck around long enough to be photographed. Still, the chap in the photo is a gatekeeper - and I'm afraid that he seems to have been in the wars.

If the walk was designed to shake me out of my lethargy it did the trick. Earlier this week I promised to put together a set of quiz questions, and I started work on them. They're not finished yet - they're not the sort of thing you can just dash off, but I've cracked on well with them today.

As for this evening, well, tonight it's the rugby club. We have a new guest QM tonight, so I'm looking forward to seeing how the quiz will pan out - variety certainly is the spice of life. So there we are, it's been one of those days I have to remember when it's the middle of February, and nothing seems to be going right at work. And now, back to the quizzes. . .

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