Monday, 19 August 2013

In the News

In the News

Who Or What are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. Hannah and Sean Gastonguay
2. Castlederg
3. Daniel Rosenthal
4. Erica Kacicova
5. Vitaly Milonov
6. Owen Morris
7. Ron Freeman
8. Colin Fleming
9. Trevor Storer
10. David McLetchie
11. Missy
12. Laszlo Csatary
13. James ‘Whitey’ Bulger
14. Amantle Montsho
15. Nate Silver
16. Michelle McCollum Connolly and Melissa Reid
17. Jon Brookes
18. Rickie Lambert
19. Dean Porter
20. Mick Deane
21. Joan Edwards
22. Stuart Wheeler
23. John Goss
24. Tony Eggington
25. Marion Bartoli
26. Sergey Kovalev
27. Darren Barker
28. Carmelo Flores
29. United Learning
30. Chris Hallam MBE

In Other News

1. Who was named Forbes Magazine highest TV earner ?
2. Which supermarket chain was attacked by the Labour party over claims about the use of’cheap immigrant labour’?
3. Who will step down after the next General Election to provide Boris Johnson with a safe seat?
4. Which media tycoon’s widow passed away last week?
5. Which disgraced former MP was appointed European manager of Zilkha Biomass Energy?
6. What was banned on trains and platforms last week by several rail companies?
7. Which spectacular meteor shower passed last week?
8. What was the score in the Community Shield ?
9. Who was the runner up in the men’s 100m at the world championships ?
10. Who scored his third century of the Ashes series in the 4th test?
11. Which water company asked for permission for a one-off rise in prices above the rate of inflation by on average £29 , despite making over £1 billion profit last year?
12. What are the two most popular names for newborns?
13. Whose 6 wickets in the fourth Ashes test gave England the win, and an unbeatable 3-0 lead in the series?
14. Which TV presenter found his new beard criticized last week?
15. Name the British athlete, a potential medalist, who was injured in the women’s 400m hurdles final in the World Championships
16. What was the score in the Northern Ireland v. Russia football match?
17. It was announced last week that who has been charged with 11 counts of indecent assault and one of sexual assault ?
18. What is the level of the new ‘on the spot fine’ for hogging the middle lane on a motorway?
19. Which World Athletics gold medal winner spoke in support of Russia’s anti gay laws?
20. Last week the US Government finally admitted the existence of what?
21. Which Coronation Street actor was suspended over a series of foul mouthed raps?
22. All five Respect Party councilors in Bradford resigned from the party last week over what?
23. Which racing circuit was sold off last week?
24. Which british runner became only the second teenager after Usain Bolt to run 200m in less than 20 seconds during the world championships last week?
25. Britain’s women took 4x100m bronze after which team were disqualified during the world championships?
26. How many medals did GB win in Moscow to reach their pre championship target?
27. What action was taken by Spanish fishermen last week?

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