Tuesday, 27 August 2013

In the News

In the News

Who or What are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. Dinenka Maguire
2. nomophobia
3. Bridget Christie
4. Sergeant Robert Bales
5. John Dubis
6. Kenny Miller
7. Matty Smith
8. Sir Peter Hendy
9. Elaine West
10. Bo Xilai
11. Gareth Southgate
12. Rose Brewer and Flame Brewer
13. Pervez Musharraf

In Other News

1. Lance Armstrong has settled his case with which newspaper he had successfully sued for claiming that he used performance enhancing drugs before his confession last year?
2. Which former world leader’s retrial began last week?
3. Whose estate is to start publishing 5 unpublished works in 2015?
4. What was the score in the Cardiff City v. Man City match ?
5. Who won the Belgian GP?
6. Which team beat England for the bronze medal in the European Hockey championship?
7. Which became the first council to withhold hardship payments to smokers and drinkers?
8. Tuesday 27th August is the 50th anniversary of which famous speech?
9. Which water company was fined £200,000 for dumping sewage in the sea?
10. Which singer is to star in a show about his own life?
11. A player who won two world cup winner’s medals, and featured in the tournaments of 1954, 58, 62 and 66 passed away last week. Name him
12. What was the score in the Rugby League Challenge Cup final?
13. What did convicted Bradley Manning announce last week?
14. Which 89 year old was sworn in as president of his country for another 5 years?
15. Who was fined 50% of his match fee for ranting about Stuart Broad’s failure to walk int eh first test?
16. What was the score between Swansea and Petrolul Ploiesti in their first leg Europa League match?
17. What was the Europa League score between Spurs and Dinamo Tbilisi?
harlequins’ captain has signed on for two more years – who is he?
18. What was the length of sentence handed out to Bradley Manning?
19. In which city did the devastating chemical attack in Syria take place?
20. Which entertainer was told last week that he will not face sexual assault charges due to lack of evidence?
21. The man who promoted the Beatles on visits to the USA passed away last week. Who was he?
22. What was the score in the Champions League match between Arsenal and Fenerbahce?
23. Last week a man was found dead at the US home of which Australian singer and film actress?
24. Which 87 year old novelist passed away last week?
25. Angela Merkel has become the first German leader to visit the site of what?

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