Saturday, 3 August 2013

Answers to News Questions

In the News

Who Or What Are the Following and why have they been in the news?

1. Sir Ian Andrews
2. James Pattinson
3. Marte Dalelv
4. Tata Marino
5. Smiler
6. My Brief History
7. Nicholas Jacobs
8. Sant Kaur Bajura
9. James Alexander Gordon
10. Joe Conley
11. HMS Somerset
12. Francisco Jose Garzon
13. Ed Fordham MP and Russell Eagling

In Other News

1. Who won the last stage of the 2013 Tour de France on the Champs Elysee?
2. Who won the four main Tour de France jerseys?
3. Who won golf’s Open Championship?
4. Why was Paul Gascoigne in the news last week?
5. Which famous pair of former colleagues are to appear together in the 75th anniversary issue of the Beano?
6. Two trains collided in which English city?
7. Off the coast of which antipodean city was there a 6.9 earthquake?
8. Where was the largest ever gathering of people dressed as pirates?
9. Which actor, comedian, director died at the age of 60 last week?
10. What is the name of the new King of Belgium?
11. What was Joe Root’s score in the second innings of the 2nd Ashes test?
12. How many birdies di the Open winner make in his last 6 holes?
13. Who won the WBO International Heavyweight title last week?
14. Who turned 70 on the 26th July last week?
15. What was the date and time at which the Cambridges’ baby was born?
16. What was his weight?
17. How many Taliban prisoners broke out of Abu Graibh?
18. Which long running show is being absorbed into Countryfile?
19. Which channel has channel 5 overtaken in the ratings for the first time ever?
20. Where was the royal baby born
21. Which airport proposed having a second runway built last week?
22. In which country were over 70 political prisoners freed?
23. The prize fund for Premium Bonds is to drop to what?
24. What are the three first names of the royal baby?
25. What did Archbishop Justin Welby say he wanted to put out of business?
26. Why did this prove to be a severe case of foot in mouth?
27. What is the most crowded UK train journey?
28. How much did Nadine Dorries MP pay back in wrongly claimed travel expenses?
29. Which great former welter and middleweight world boxing champion passed away?
30. The Spanish train derailment tragedy occurred near which city?
31. Olympic champion boxer Anthony Joshua has signed a management deal with whom?
32. Where was a big blue cockerel unveiled last week?
33. What sentence did SAS sniper Danny Nightingale receive?
34. Julian Assangte announced that he will run for the Senate in which country?
35. Dominic Strauss Khan has been charged with what?
36. Which controversial figure made a documentary with David Attenborough?
37. Which 55 year old DJ is to leave Radio 1?
38. What happened to Stuart Hall’s sentence last week?


Who or What Are the Following and why have they been in the news?

1. Head of the Serious Organised Crime Agency
2. Australian Ashes Bowler ruled out of 3rd test by injury
3. She claimed that she was raped, but was jailed for extra marital sex in Dubai – freed last week
4. New coach of Barcelona FC
5. New much hyped Alton Towers rollercoaster – closed after people saw bits of metal falling off it.
6. Title of forthcoming memoir by Stephen Hawking
7. Charged with the murder of PC Keith Blakelock
8. Britain’s oldest woman – passed away
9. Retiring from reading out the football scores on the BBC
10. Actor who played Ike Godsey in the Waltons – passed away
11. Saved a racing pigeon which landed exhausted on the deck
12. Spanish train driver charged with deaths of over 70
13. 1st couple to become engaged after Same Sex Couples Act became law

In Other News

1. Marcel Kittel
2. Overall – yellow =Chris Froome – Points – Green=Peter Sagan – King of the Mountains-Polka Dot=Nairo Quintana – Young Rider – White = Nairo Quintana
3. Phil Mickleson
4. He was charged with 2 counts of common assault, and given an asbo
5. David Beckham and Sir Alex Ferguson
6. Norwich
7. Wellington
8. Hastings
9. Mel Smith
10. Phillipe
11. 180
12. 4
13. Derek Chisora
14. Mick Jagger
15. 22/7/13 – 16:24
16. 8lb 6oz
17. 500
18. One Man and his dog
19. Channel 4
20. St. Mary’s Hospital
21. Gatwick
22. Burma
23. 1.3%
24. George Alexander Louis
25. 26. He found out that the Church of England Pension Fund has invested in
27. Heathrow to Paddington 8:24
28. 3000 pounds
29. Emile Griffith
30. Santiago de Compostela
31. Eddie Hearn Matchroom organisation
32. On the empty plinth in Trafalgar Square
33. 2 years suspended for 12 months
34. Australia
35. Aggravated Pimping
36. Bjork
37. Tim Westwood
38. It was increased to 30 months

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