Sunday, 11 August 2013

In the News

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. Sergei Brin
2. Mount Rokatenda
3. Michael Foale
4. Charlotte Church
5. Mary Beard
6. John Amis
7. Fran Halsall
8. Ian Tomlinson
9. Sir John ‘Sandy’ Woodward
10. Mohammad Sarwar
11. Walter Smith
12. Alex Rodriguez
13. Mairtin O’Muilleoir
14. Charlotte Green
15. Megaconus
16. Godfrey Bloom
17. Rory Lawson
18. Elfsborg
19. Jacob Rees-Mogg MP
20. Katie Gee and Kirstie Trup
21. GDS
22. Tian Tian

In Other News

1. A dead shark was photographed in which unlikely location?
2. The world’s first lab grown version of which food was unveiled last week?
3. It was suggested last week that what can help prevent dementia and memory loss?
4. Who called for a boycott of 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia due to its new anti-gay laws?
5. Scientists have opened a tomb in order to try to prove the identity of whom?
6. Which shadow cabinet member said Ed Miliband and Labour have 6 months to prove himself or risk losing the next general election?
7. Which town hosted this year’s Welsh National Eisteddfodd?
8. Who was unveiled as the new Dr. Who?
9. What was named in a survey as the most popular film quotation of all time?
10. Lego announced they will be making a series of special lego toys based on which TV show?
11. Which 83 year old entertainer was arrested a second time concerning further allegations regarding sexual offences?
12. Which performer pleaded not guilty in court to the charge that he attacked his ex girlfriend in California?
13. Which Spanish institution is to be tried in 5 states in the USA this summer?
14. Last week who was fined £1000 for drunkenly assaulting a railway security guard?
15. China and Russia have stopped importing dairy from where due to a botulism scare?
16. Which British and Irish Lion signed a new contract with his club Newport Gwent Dragons?
17. Which Olympic bronze medal winner announced her retirement last week?
18. How much is the charge that Spain’s foreign minister, Jose Garcia-Margallo threatened to levy on every vehicle crossing in or out of Gibraltar?
19. A keeper from which zoo has been suspended for punching a seal ?
20. Mark Carney promised to keep interest rates at same 0.5% for how long?
21. Which England cricketer was allegedly fined for urinating on nightclub bouncers, according to some newspapers?
22. The longest serving Lib Dem MP announced he will stand down at the next election. Who is he?
23. Which England cricketer was wrongly accused of using silicone tape to defeat hotspot technology?
24. Which move by the Irish edition of the Sun earned only one complaint from a member of the public?
25. What was the score in the Swansea v. Malmo second leg?
26. Oprah Winfrey accused a shop in which city of racism towards her last week?
27. Which Easy Rider actress died aged 74?

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